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2/8/2014 c15 6GrimFWaters
I enjoyed reading this story :)
You are a good friend and a great writer
2/7/2014 c14 Notinusedeletedaccountsorry
Awwwww it's ending! Well at least she made a friend. Update sooooooon!
2/7/2014 c14 GrimFWaters
I did like the chapter and of course I am reviewing? What kind of friend would I be if I didn't read and review your stories? NOT a good one- that is for sure. Ryder kinda reminds me of a friendlier version of Leah, which is nice.
I also like the less common names you use in your story- or at least they are less common where I live.
You are beautiful.
-The Queen
2/2/2014 c13 Grimfwaters
Hey I don't hav another way to contact you. I just wanted to let you know I am out of town for a few days. I only have my iPod so I can't PM you :(
Talk to you Tuesday.
1/31/2014 c13 Notinusedeletedaccountsorry
Really good chapter! I loved it, I like ryders personality! UPDATE SOON!
1/30/2014 c13 GrimFWaters
Cliff hanger! Does it taste good or bad? I shall wait and see!
1/30/2014 c12 GrimFWaters
I wouldn't go as far as to say that I am nice, but I am reviewing! I am reviewing for the puppies!
This story really i incredible. The plot is well thought out:) Like I said before, it is moving a liiiittttlllee bit fast, but I get bored easily, so that is okay!
You are amazing and Jesus love you!
1/30/2014 c10 GrimFWaters
I am reviewing for the children... all of them!
1/30/2014 c9 GrimFWaters
You are such a great writer! I wish I wrote this well at your age. The pace of the story is moving a littttle bit fast, but it is much better than moving way too slow :D
You rock
1/30/2014 c8 GrimFWaters
Aw. You killed Luke?
Well sometimes you have to lose everything before you can appreciate anything.
1/30/2014 c7 GrimFWaters
1/30/2014 c6 GrimFWaters
I want to try this ice cream.
1/30/2014 c5 GrimFWaters
My review is short because I want to read more!
This is a great chapter.
1/30/2014 c4 GrimFWaters
This story is soooo good :3 I love it
1/30/2014 c2 GrimFWaters
I feel like a terrible friend! I should have read this story sooner! I AM SO SORRY!
I read the description and I was like "ehhh that sounds okay"
But now I am reading it, and it is awesome!
You rock.
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