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2/13/2017 c7 67squeakyfingers
Damn, that was beautiful. Dark and twisty in all of the right places. Uplifting when it needed it, but not overwrought. You've shed so much insight into Joan's psyche. Thanks for the amazing read.
12/13/2013 c7 12Covert Affairs Intelligence
Soooo cute! Please please make another story or something! I really like ur writing.
12/13/2013 c7 InvisibleMAC
Perfect ending! Joan and Arthur are my favs! I loved this story from start to finish. I'm a little sad its over but you did an excellent job! :)
12/13/2013 c7 Guest
12/12/2013 c6 2life-in-a-beautiful-light
Finally caught up with this one and gotta say I'm really enjoying it! :)
12/11/2013 c6 InvisibleMAC
Wow! I love this talk between them. Joan being so raw is nice to read, and the insight Annie gets here is crazy. A good mentor is one willing to show their scars so the person coming behind them can go farther then they did and avoid their pitfalls and you wrote Joan doing just that for ANnie. LOVE IT!
12/10/2013 c5 12Covert Affairs Intelligence
See this is a great story!
12/10/2013 c5 InvisibleMAC
I'm glad you're doing the 7 parts. This Scene is just so good. I had tears in my eyes. You wrote them in this impossibly difficult situation to be so loving...its perfect!
12/9/2013 c4 InvisibleMAC
Okay, freaking out, wheres the next chapter! You are writing all this action in a way that is easy to read and understand and is absolutely attention grabbing! I love it! I almost forgot we started peacefully on a plane with a glass of wine. So good!
12/9/2013 c4 Covert Affairs Intelligence
Great chapter plz update soooonn! And can u go back to where and and Joan r speaking isn't this wat Joan is telling Annie?
12/9/2013 c4 Guest
wow,i want joan arthur it
12/8/2013 c3 InvisibleMAC
I see it when I change the filters to "all ratings"...Intense chapter. Definitely, the violence/torture warrants the M rating, that is heavy stuff. I'm looking forward to how you get her out of this because it looks super bleak right now... :/
12/7/2013 c3 5ErroneousJuxtaposition
Oooh! I'm likin' this:)
I'm not usually a big reviewer- especially when you have a good (and grammatically/canon-ly correct) story (I never know what to say!), but I will be following this as you continue, so know that you've got me as a reader and that- at least from me- no news is good news!
So great job so far- keep it up:)
12/4/2013 c2 MrMsMingus
This is amazing and I am anxious to read on! Your writing is superb!
12/4/2013 c1 31FaeMelody
Ooh, I like this! Can't wait to see where it goes... :-) X
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