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for Brave, are we not?

8/26/2016 c116 13Rachelmasonfan25
Please continue this, it's fab! Xx
2/14/2015 c116 Guest
Aw this is so good! An idea is that: it could be edens birthday so just sam, Tom and Ryan could go away for a little holiday together and you could include some Eden/Tom scenes, like Tom could be telling Eden personal stuff that he hasn't told sam and Sam could find out or something? Update soon it's amazing x
2/13/2015 c116 Guest
Maybe have Ella starting puberty and then have Eden comforting her of have Eden and Ryan get more serious and end it with Eden pregnant but not realising and then giving birth with just Ella there or something
2/13/2015 c116 Guest
You could Maybe do a storyline about Eden going back to play football? e.g she may decide she wants to go back, but then the boys tease her or something? Just if you need ideas
2/1/2015 c115 Guest
Aw OMG I loved this so much! It was so good well done update soon x
1/31/2015 c115 MesCuckoo
The school has been closed due to Sam. Really?
1/26/2015 c114 Guest
Aww this was so good I loved it! Update soon x
1/21/2015 c113 Guest
Aw this is so good well done i loved it! Update soon x
1/20/2015 c113 Guest
I loved this chapter x
1/19/2015 c112 Guest
All I'm going to say is, "Sam and Eden" It's time to get back to them... "Sam and Eden" Please! "Sam and Eden" Please! "Sam and Eden" Please!

But GREAT & FANTASTIC writing skills. GREAT job!
1/19/2015 c112 Guest
Aw I loved This well done! I am so glad that all the babies are okay now! Can't wait for the sam and Eden moments! Update soon x
1/18/2015 c112 Guest
I enjoyed this chapter x
1/16/2015 c111 Guest
Aw omg this was so good! Glad the babies are ok x maybe you could do a chapter on sam and tom and show the pressures of having a new born baby to look after and sam could get really moody, update soon?xx
1/10/2015 c110 Guest
More Sam and Eden moments!
1/10/2015 c110 Reader1235
We need more sam and Eden moments!
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