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for Golden Heart, Silver Soul

12/20/2013 c4 Sakura Touko
Aww you made me resemble my Noctowl, the crie since it was a small hoothoot, that times those, I wait with anxieties for the near chapter, is still like that
12/15/2013 c3 peachtaodstoal
Great story sis. Continue on writing!

I laughed at the guy who gave Lyra the opricorns or whatever you call it. Especially when Lyra was like "Dangit."

12/15/2013 c3 Sakura Touko
Woow, very interesting, I wait with anxieties for the near chapter, it is still like that
12/10/2013 c2 Sakura Touko
Great, I look forward to the next chapter, keep it up
12/11/2013 c2 peachtoadstoal
"Thank Arceus I asked!"

Amg, I laughed so hard. u

Great story. I'm actually liking it u DUN LOSE INTREST IN IT LIEK YOUR OTHER STORY. ):
12/6/2013 c1 Yuuna
You did a really good job on this! Although one small problem is that I felt like it was to fast paced. But I can't wait to read chapter 2!
Good luck!
12/3/2013 c1 5RosaMeiWhite2
Dude. You stole my title! Please, please change the name of your story, otherwise it's a good start.
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