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4/5/2017 c2 Reagemtine
Absolutely love this chapter. It's like Pitch went full Yandere on Jack. I love the way you portrayed Pitch after Jack's rejection, so creepy and yet it feels justified.
4/4/2017 c8 yummypie193
Haha poor Jack... It's always his fault. XD
4/4/2017 c5 yummypie193
RIP heart. It was nice spending time with you. Now I just have this gaping hole in my chest (and it hurts, dammit).
7/26/2016 c3 Feran-Sensei
*flails arms* ooaoaoaoaoh that ending tho. *0*
11/16/2014 c8 8Sora Tayuya
So. Adorable. Can't. Stop. Laughing.
11/16/2014 c7 Sora Tayuya
Can't say much to this except lol
11/16/2014 c6 Sora Tayuya
Pitch's idea of a "thank goodness you are alright" hug is totally creepy and adorable. I liked this chapter a lot, and can definitely see it working in the story proper.
11/16/2014 c5 Sora Tayuya
Ah, so much excellent terror! I was oh so hoping you'd continue what you started back in chapter 3.
11/16/2014 c4 Sora Tayuya
Very true bit on the existances of these two entities.
11/16/2014 c3 Sora Tayuya
Suddenly I am glad of your choice to merge away from book canon. The tale is...just too sad to tell, really. Too sad.
11/15/2014 c7 9CatOrWall
That sounded so very, very bad. I knew it was going to be something else... I thought maybe he'd run into some kind of pricker bush.
11/15/2014 c6 CatOrWall
Somebody hug Pitch. Now.
11/15/2014 c3 CatOrWall
I'm barely starting the novels (just managed to get ahold of them), but I think a little bit of General Pitchiner is still alive. The book makes mention to a bit of light left in his heart.

That ending line is killer, btw. I can just imagine Jack's reaction...
11/15/2014 c2 CatOrWall
Hoooooly craaaaaap... that is so messed up. It's more than a little creepy. And Jack would be mentally screwed up forever after that.
11/15/2014 c8 CatOrWall
Oh jeeze XD Thank you for directing me to this. More Jack/Pitch insanity is always good.
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