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for Little Fires

3/4/2019 c1 seidh
Perfection. You are a master storyteller. Enjoyed every moment reading this!
5/17/2018 c1 julie3113
Hello. I bet you aren’t expecting a review of this particular story from me. I was looking for some inspiration for an Avonlea party and wanted some fire, so I decided to look through your back catalogue, vaguely remembering something about a bonfire. This is sweet and funny (revelry is good for humor) and filled with longing and desire. I particularly like how A&G blend into the crowd surrounding the bonfire, and the contrast of darkness and flames; it’s a little bit hellish in its contrasts of heat and cold, or at the very least disorienting, which gives them privacy (or rather, the illusion thereof). But I must also say, you’ve come a long way since you wrote this — in the richness of your language, the complexity of your narrative, and the sheer originality of your vision.
9/29/2017 c1 Sarah
Really nice story. Keep up the good work :)
6/7/2017 c1 tommyjude21
Awe, that was really sweet. You write so well, I can picture your stories playing out. Of course I see megan and jonathan as the characters (RIP jonathan). Beautiful once again. I am thoroughly enjoying all of your stories.
2/1/2016 c1 Guest
So much love for this story! So many warm fuzzy feelings!
9/15/2015 c1 Guest
Loved Katherine's realizations. The end was great too
4/11/2015 c1 4Rowena Pendragon
So sweet! Great story.
2/12/2015 c1 PrettyGirl07
((To anyone not of the realm of Anne and Gilbert it was plain to see there was no space for a third passenger. Tonight the abundance of furtive caresses and secret glances the two gave each other would have made even the most hard-nosed passenger wait for a less crowded ride. And Anne did not dispel this notion now, nuzzling deeper into Gilbert's shoulder.)). I always wanted to see more of their interactions in Anne of Windy willows, the way Anne wrote the letters to Gilbert left me wanting for more. You captured it Perfectly.
1/2/2014 c1 Syncchick
Absolutely lovely!
12/12/2013 c1 Guest
This is beautifully written. I love the way you describe the heat and desire between them. The side stories also want you to read more of Anne & Gil. would love to read about how their passion grows over the 3-4 years they are waiting. Would also love to know where their rambles and idle summers in Avonlea take them!
If you are going to write about their wedding night (as I'm sure we're anticipating) don't make it too perfect. We all know the first time is not that perfect.
Keep up the great writing! Bring back old fashioned romance!
12/5/2013 c1 GoDons
beautiful. Please write more fics about Anne and Gil, eg, their wedding night, or when Nan, Di, Walter and Shirley were born. Sorry I'm not logged in for this review, but I'm recuperating at home after dental surgery yesterday. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing.
12/6/2013 c1 2Dannie Merlot
Beautiful story-telling. You've captured their personalities and interaction very well. I'm confident that you have a handle on the next phase in their relationship, and am looking forward to reading how it goes.
12/5/2013 c1 Amybf19
This is achingly perfect in its loveliness! I adore Anne and Gilbert!
12/5/2013 c1 Bright Promise 2
Terrific story. Just love these 2...Anne and Gilbert. Hope to see more fics from you with Anne and Gil as main characters. Well done! Thanks for sharing :)
12/4/2013 c1 16raindropcatcher
I’ve waited for this! And now here it is, right on Christmas-time! :D You exceed all my expectations – you’re a true master in describing their affection and tension!
I have to admit, I was disappointed with the books once Anne and Gil got together. From first day on it was “Gil, Gil, Gil” and then suddenly when they were a couple, there was no Gil around. Only his name! Sure, they were apart, but they DID have holidays! I wanted to read how their relationship would develop as betrothed!
All the more happy I am that you are filling all those gaps! This was so sweet and everything it could be for their first New Year together! :)
I loved when Gil put his arm around her waist and said “You're Island to the core, aren't you Anne-girl?". It’s so sweet and protecting and so them-against-the-world!
And then my absolute favourite part was when they were kissing (if not even more) and he started laughing because his heart was overjoyed and couldn’t believe he was celebrating New Year’s Eve with HIS Anne! How he said "I mean I don't know why I'm laughing. It's just we're here and I love you and I spend so much of my time not being here and loving you, and it just makes me so happy."
That’s my favourite-favourite-favourite part. Too beautiful...
I feel sorry for them now, that they have to part… I suppose all the more thrilling must have been their Wedding night? And it would be a true Christmas gift if you would write that too!
You did a wonderful job :)

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