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for Gohan's New Home

10/27/2022 c7 Gear master
Batman’s paranoia knows no bounds
10/27/2022 c4 Gear master
Under normal circumstances if this wasn’t Batman this would be a breach of trust but since it is Batman this is Within expected reactions and parameters
9/20/2022 c8 creeperslayer239
shouldn't Gohan be used to killing? he should be trying to argue his point instead of giving up, he is a saiyan and should have at least a little pride...
6/14/2022 c12 reynn192
Supergirl is physically 16 years old but chronologically, she's 46 since she's 16 years older than Superman who's 30.
4/29/2022 c3 3Time Emperor
Why do I keep reading DBZ crossovers? Its obvious that none of you respect the characters whatsoever. Gohan could never be forced to do this shit.
10/8/2021 c2 Guest
Please tell me he's not going to settle for being some bitch sidekick. If so this entire fic is ruined.
7/20/2021 c4 JustinC100
Your attempt at this crossover is pretty good, but almost all DC characters are out of character and often jump yo conclusions preemptively. DBZ characters are not bad if not completely spot on. But I'm much more of a fan of DC than DBZ, therefore, the story isn't as fun as it would have been if the DC characters were in character and the DBZ characters were out.
5/31/2021 c21 Guest
The Battle of the Gods was An Error With The Super Sayan Form with Gihan.. Super Fixed That.
5/31/2021 c20 Guest
I'm sorry but the writing for this Arc is terrible.. He Should not need a Transformation to Stop his Evil Self... no matter of fact Gohan should be a more skilled fighter that his evil self
5/31/2021 c19 Guest
Lame. SS3 is Not Rage. It is a result of training it would be more symbolic for go out to just win as a Super Saiyan 2 and his Own Skillset.. it is rather Bland that you simply make him power his his way through a victory with a transformation
5/31/2021 c4 Guest
Batman: 250!? Ha Ha Ha.

Roshi at full power in early Dragon Could destroy the moon and based on how fast and Size of the attack put Roshi at Small planet Level. Lol

Batman at most would be an 8.. Keep in mind something equivalent to power level of 10 would allow you to tank bullets and lift and throw a Cat. IMAO
5/5/2021 c25 Athena Hirdman
I love this story please write a sequel to this story
2/1/2021 c7 060896
Sounds like this chapter is leading up to that Superman: Unbound cartoon.
1/7/2021 c25 ggbuyz
bruh wheres the sequel its not here!
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