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for Gohan's New Home

4/8/2014 c21 9Kazuma Bushi
The title of this chapter...LOL

Pan should easily be the most powerful character in this story. A Kryptonian/Saiyan hybrid godlike
4/8/2014 c21 1inudbz101
Yasss! This is too good! Once I put two and two together, I realized who pan was. Also, does this mean Goku will come back in the DBZ world?
4/8/2014 c21 Guest
I agree with you Gohan in his Ulimate/Mystic Form is Superior to his Super Saiyan 3 self. Stronger, uses up less energy and no ridiculous long hair
4/8/2014 c21 Guest
Take it easy. I was only asking a Question . I was simply statating that Will Gohan be Super Saiyan 3 or Be in Mystic Form.

Gohan is much more powerful in his Mystic/Ultimate Form. The Form was so powerful represented Gohan's Potential. However there is a Major Difference between Your Gohan and Canon Gohan... Your Gohan have a Tail. Just imagine what would Happen if Mystic/Ultimate Gohan transformed into a Great Ape Form or if Gohan get his potential unlocked after unlocking Super Saiyan 4? Also Phan will have a easier time with Ki Control because of his saiyan tail

IT would be scaray to see pan go great ape. A kryptian saiyan hybrid going great ape is disatourous
4/8/2014 c21 Lostinthedarkclouds
nice nice nice so will there be super sayain god ?
4/7/2014 c20 Guest
Who is the OC in the story? You could add kara to the title, her name is Linda L./Kara Zor EL
4/7/2014 c21 Guest
Are gohan and kara going to have their own kid? Will they get married? Is pan their daughter or metotsu's? Gohan should still have his own kid. Also a saiyan krptonian hybrid would be unstoppable. No weaknesses and unlimited potential due to zenkai and sun dips. Pan should be stronger than that. Not to mention hybrids tend to be stronger just look at how young goten and trunks turned super saiyan. At one point they will be born super saiyans lol.
4/7/2014 c21 RKF22
Great work figured she was their kid
4/7/2014 c21 2Justus80
Wil majin buu make an appearance here? That pan just kicked darksieds butt...epic.
4/7/2014 c21 2KaosMoshpit
I don't know if you know this, but the name of this chapter is quite the popular saying where I'm from so it had me dying laughing when I got the update alert.

Great chapter, it was good to see Goten and Trunks get some dialog other than "yay Gohan" I also enjoyed their interactions with Artemis. Other than that there is nothing that I haven't said in our pm's so talk to ya later, I have an Italian mid term to fail tomorrow ;)
4/7/2014 c21 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
4/7/2014 c20 Guest
Metsuna should of gotten a kick to the balls or a sword shoved up his ASS BEFORE DYING
4/6/2014 c20 Guest
Gohan and Kara should have their own kid and get married
4/5/2014 c20 ThatGuy brother of OtherGuy
I already knew he wasn't dead when he decided to throw him up in the air but not look back to see if he actually killed him. Do you know how many times people in DBZ survived that crap? That make it seem like an energy blast can't do shit when you try to kill someone with it
4/4/2014 c20 9Kazuma Bushi
Metotsu was pretty insane and now Gohan and Kara have a kid? A Kryptonian/Saiyan hybrid has the potential to be the strongest being ever.
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