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6/12/2019 c13 castieltuang002
Chapter 13 is the most ridiculous I’ve read so far. The author seem to forget the fact that Gohan can use the instant transmission even though he was shown using it casually in previous chapters. Even if one argued that Gohan couldn’t find an energy signature far enough from the earth to safely teleport to, he could still get back to earth safely by utilizing the very technique by locking on to the signature of someone like Superman, which he has been shown doing. The second part is the fact that Gohan fell from outer space like a meteor. He flew with all of his might to get as far away from the planet as least nowhere near the solar system since if the bomb has the power as it was stated that it should, sticking near the solar system would still have catastrophic effects on every planet in it. If Gohan was indeed that far away from earth, he wouldn’t be falling towards it...he’d be floating aimlessly in the vacuums of space. One might still argue that the bomb has enough umph to throw him back at least 10 times the diameter of the earth...which is the very minimum distance for the explosion to not be directly effecting the earth, the shockwave still wouldn’t be enough to send Gohan back the exact direction only within a few minutes. The third and last problem I have with chapter 13 alone is...the fact that the author simply had the “Light” learn everything there is to know about Gohan’s past. That’s just not gonna fly. What they do with that knowledge and information is truly going to decide whether it was a good decision or not, plot wise. If they simply sat on their asses even after learning all of that...then what’s the fucking point?
5/12/2019 c8 AvideReader99220
Its a piece of shit, why the fuck is gohan becoming a pussy, lets forgive muderers, rapists, and genocidal maniacs yeah they get whats coming to them but in the process kill off species and all that shit but fuck me lkets forgive him and build a campfire and sing songs together, fuck why doesnt gohan just strip kara right there and let darkseid take her seeing as how hes not gonna do shit.
4/18/2019 c1 Guest
Gohan is just in the name, it's not Gohan anymore, it seems the DC universe took it's toll on our young Saiyan making him dark too,pffft ... Gohan alone stuck in the DC universe was better off tho even if u wanted to show the rest of the DC universe how strong Saiyans are
9/15/2018 c13 Guest
I have two questions 1 who was he talking to ,himself? And 2 how did they manage to get the recording of his conversation with sg.
8/3/2018 c10 Guest
I agree with no harem all of the dragon ball z characters possibly with the eception of vegeta don't go good with a harem especially goku he's to dence
7/10/2018 c4 4jonathin.stuart
Martian Manhunter soloed braniac and nearly killed wonder woman
7/6/2018 c25 Guest
No plz I need a sequel it's been 5 years
7/1/2018 c25 isis424
6/29/2018 c8 2Kipplee
In the past 3 chapters, Gohan has had his 'knee length' hair grabbed and used against him in everyone of them. If he were half as smart as you try to portray him or anywhere near as smart as he is in the original content, he would gotten it cut ages ago...

Also, the image of a long haired Gohan is disgusting and the SSJ form even more so
4/6/2018 c25 kingvlad2011
Where's the sequal?
1/26/2018 c1 KingLuxion
How did you get the Zhang Fei tag, which is a Dynasty Warriors character, as a tag for a DBZ/YJ Crossover?
1/6/2018 c16 Guest
Ok, hasta aquí. Esto es estúpido. Hasta ahora está mierda no avanza nada. No hay ningún sentimiento de que realmente la historia avanzó. Se siente como el primer puto capítulo. Los cambios son tan insignificantes que no merecen la pena. Por otra parte, en verdad es genial ver como Batman puede suprimir cualquier personaje de otra historia porque si, es simplemente genial. *Ironía.
E visto varios comentarios diciendo que esta historia es original y más mierdas por el estilo pero sabes?... Esto no es nada original. Hay varias putas historias similares con pocas Palabras* y muchas otras que son crossover's de un anime distinto a Dragón Ball pero que va sucediendo la misma mierda.
Otra tontería es lo del clon. No me jodas, anda.
Con Superman al parecer deben mezclar el ADN con el de un humano, pero por el contrario con Gohan no, con Gohan pueden hacer un clon perfecto en pocas semanas que tenga la fuerza del mismo porque si.
Superman absorbe la emergía del Sol, de allí recibe sus poderes. Pero Gohan tuvo que entrenar. De verdad te crees que con una puta muestra de ADN de sangre consegiran reproducirlo al completo, junto a todas las células "S" requeridas para las transformaciones? Si claro, anda y vete a tomar por culo. Ese es uno de los perores clichés y más mal llevados que se ven en este tipo de cruces.
Estoy fuera.
12/7/2017 c1 dragonfox123
Interesting chapter and plot and idea
11/8/2017 c22 1joshben4c
This story is excellent! I think if you want to correct your grammar mistakes and stuff. I would use Grammarly it’s an excellent free spellcheck and grammar tool did you can get online just look it up.
11/7/2017 c16 Guest
Thank you for not doing the lemon
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