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for Gohan's New Home

12/10/2013 c2 Guest
I know the light would want gohan's power. But gohan may kill them all easily if they are not secretive about it.
12/10/2013 c2 Guest
Gohan does not need to be anyone's sidekick. Degrading, i beilive the justice league must prpve themselves to gohan. I'am also surprised that when gohan transformed no one sensed his power,
12/10/2013 c2 Guest
I hope your gohan has a backbone in this story. gohan does need to be a mere sidekick
12/10/2013 c2 Deflow
Love the story.
To xguest:
I agree with Kil. You really need to learn your dragonball z facts and think deep on some matters. Not just think things your ways. You have to understand others points of views on matters
12/10/2013 c2 kili
To: xguest: that is known of your concern, if you used common sense, you would noticed how Goku in hi base form fought evenly against Yakon. Yakon had a Kili of 800, while super saiyan goku had a Kili of 3000. Yakon was over 1/4 as powerful as Super Saiyan Goku and despite that goku in his base form held his own Yakon you really need to think hard on that and the Kili. So basically your arugument is not really valid. Do some research before argue with reviewers that you do not know. Because you learn a thing or two from them about dragonball z.
12/9/2013 c2 123
Neither. And I don't want Batman to boss around gohan
12/11/2013 c2 26tailedninja
Interesting start, I am glad you didn't have him speaking English at the start. Did you know that Dragon Ball is based off a Chinese Legend, and the Dragon Ball series is most heavily inspired by China?
Hmm, while Gohan does know a lot about his powers, he has never really been a Super Hero in the Manga(yet). Being an apprentice would teach him how to interact with the world around him with his power base and to learn what is normal and what is not in the civilian world. Superman seems to be the obvious choice, but Wonder Woman has been doing this since at least WWII in the Young Justice universe, (she is in her 80's) and may be a better teacher than Superman, given how he is a complete asshole to SB I don't think he is good teacher material.
12/9/2013 c2 YoungIV
B:Wonder Woman's Sidekick
12/9/2013 c2 Guest
Good story so far. Id go with C niether. Gohan already had a mentor in picollo and already trained with his dad as well. He saved the world. He can take care of himself. You could make wonder woman a motherly figure towards him since she is warrior and could help gohan tap his saiyan side. Also could you pair gohan with supergirl? Gohan always gets paired with zatanna, its becoming annoying. Supergirl and Gohan have alot in common.
12/9/2013 c2 Alistar
Good chapter. But, I don't care if it's Gohan or somebody else, learning an entirely new language from just a book? Bullshark. No way. I don't care if it's months or years. Books will only get you so far.

As for Gohan being a sidekick, I'm with 'DfangOO'. 100 percent.
They just decided for him. No consultation with Gohan or anything. Gohan should, Respectively, decline, because anything else would be Out Of Character for him.

I always hate the 'Martian reads the person's mind' in almost every crossover fic. That's got to stop. The character allows the Martian to read his mind to gain the JL's trust, but what about him? Are they going to allow the character to read their minds, so that the character can also trust them? Or, are they going to tell the character every detail of their life, if the character can't read minds? I think not. Trust works both ways. They read your mind to gain their trust, you should also read their minds so that they gain your trust.

Gohan's smart, but most times, his intellect is overly exaggerated by Fanfiction Authors. Gohan builds Time Machines. Spaceships. Robots. Dragon Radars. You name it. It's ridiculous most of the time. While I'm sure Gohan does excell in Math and Science, there are just some things that I know are beyond him. Just because Chi-Chi forced him to study as a kid, does not make him some super genius. Anyone can excell at math and science, but that doesn't mean they'll be building time machines, dragon radars and whatnots. Anyone comparing Bulma and Dr. Brief's intellect to Gohan, well there must be something wrong with you. If the a machine is going to be used to get Gohan home, it won't be made by him.
Now that my ranting's done,

Update soon.
12/9/2013 c2 Blood4Breakfast
12/11/2013 c2 Cloud Ex-SOLDIER
An interesting story.

I really don't think he should be anyone's sidekick. The JL automatically assumed he is going to go with what they say. You mentioned it in the last chapter, there are enough heroes to take care of the issues in the world. If there is a threat, I'm sure he will help. I think at first he will want to find a place to live, some food and perhaps a job or continue the subsistence living like he knows how to do first before he goes into the superhero thing.

A good story in all, lots of potential, I look forward to the next chapter.
12/9/2013 c2 Guest
a saiyan as a sidekick? wtf?
12/10/2013 c2 6Lightningblade49
I vote C neither Gohan's more powerful then all of them plus the thought of being a sidekick would wound his Pride even more considering he Saiyan plus the lecture from his Mother he'd expect in the Future. he should challenge the pair to a fight and if they win(dought it) then he be a sidekick.

Im hoping Vegeta shows just because I Havent seen that before.
12/10/2013 c2 1Nukerz99
I think it should be option C. Neither
gohan is more powerful then them. he does not need a mentor he is more than capable of handling anything on his own.
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