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for Gohan's New Home

12/10/2013 c2 1kidneysrgood
Just wear a space suit you klutz.
12/7/2013 c1 Guest
good shit, update already, bitch
12/9/2013 c2 AleBreta
good story man...

and vote for C
Gohan is just too strong to be a sidekick
12/9/2013 c1 2ISGH
He chooses... neither
12/9/2013 c2 19king of nightmares and dragons
wonder women because superman already has some other sidekicks so I say wonder woman
12/9/2013 c2 4Optimus610
So far I like your story.

I vote for C.
12/7/2013 c1 Xguest
I'm definitely looking forward to more chapters. Update ASAP.

To : Kili in anime

How do you know that the SSJ multiplier decreases as base form increases? It certainly wasn't stated in anything related to DB, such as DB, DBZ, the movies or Daizenshuu or any interview. So, how do you know that? You don't, can't know- because it was never stated in both Manga and Anime. Nor was it hinted at.
This 'SSJ mulitplier decreases as Base increases' is nothing but FANON. Usually used in fanfics that create some formula to calculate PL. It's just Fanon. Nothing more, nothing less. It's just like that 'saiyan mating' thing. Fanon.
Besides, if SSJ multiplier decreased as Base increased, then eventually, the Super Saiyan state will be useless, because the base power will 'catch up' to the SSJ power. Rendering SSJ useless.
12/7/2013 c1 power
14 year old Gohan in base form: Over 12,000,000

Superman(Full power) 20,000

Super Girl: 9000
12/7/2013 c1 Guest
Gohan is 14 years old. Trunk is five year old and is a year older than goten. Gohan is 10 years older than goten. Gohan slacked during the 4 years. He should be slightly stronger than adult gohan in the buu saga in canon, but weaker than his ten year old self in the cell games. Gohan nwed to get back to training.
12/9/2013 c2 14SaiyaSage
Hey, liked ur story but as far as choosing who gets to be Gohan's mentor, more than likely people are going to choose B or C mainly because Superman didn't take superboy under his wing until that 5 year time gap and it wouldn't be fair to superboy and have him already hate our favorite demi-saiyan because of some 'daddy issues'. Anyways, I pick B can't wait for u to update ;)
12/9/2013 c2 men220
Hi, I like your story. I would say go with WW because the amazons are the closest thing to the sayans the DC universe has and she could bring out Gohan's inner saiyan but just in fights. We don't want our favorite demisayan to change too much now, do we?
12/9/2013 c2 11DfangOO
i say niether, i'm sick of the justice league forcing these decisions on people. they just made the decision for gohan he is going to be a sidekick. i think gohan should say screw you i'm nobodie's sidekick.
12/9/2013 c2 Ahlerot
My vote would be C
12/9/2013 c1 Ahlerot
Great, keep it up
12/9/2013 c2 22Prats 'R' Us
Nice fic, my vote would be C. Neither. I'm kind of surprised Gohan hasn't started trying to build something to get himself home, as Gohan said there are plenty of heroes in the Justice League world but only the Z fighters in his world. If the Justice League want Gohan's help I'm sure J'onn can probably convince the team to let him into the JL seeing as he knows what Gohan's been through. Besides Gohan has a mentor, Piccolo.

Great fic, can't wait for more.
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