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2/18/2019 c34 4DudeTrustTheCloak
Hey, these are all really good and funny! (well, most of them)
Except one thing...
You always spell "course" wrong. It's not "coarse" like rough.
Other than that, they're all awesome!
1/17/2019 c80 15Rock Mint Swirl 22
Woo hoo! So glad you're back with this! Also, poor Shawn :'( ~ Mintstar
8/5/2018 c66 Guest
Omg I'm screaming
6/9/2018 c7 34cosette141
AWWWWWWWW this is too much omg
6/9/2018 c6 cosette141
LOL Shawn would totally listen to kelly xD
6/9/2018 c2 cosette141
AWWW I was not emotionally ready for a proposal omg
4/13/2018 c75 Guest
okay what that was the cutest thing I’ve ever read omg
2/15/2017 c65 10Koohii Kappu
Completely fangirling! This is perfect~! 3
2/15/2017 c53 Koohii Kappu
For the whole thing I thought is was Shawn she was leaving and I was like "NOOOOOOOOOO- oh wait." XD I feel so much better now.
2/15/2017 c32 Koohii Kappu
It's so them! Perfect! 3
2/15/2017 c28 Koohii Kappu
I really loved this one, too! It just totally works! XD
2/15/2017 c17 Koohii Kappu
Haha, I really loved this one! 3
2/15/2017 c15 Koohii Kappu
These are super addicting because they're so dang short! Good job on all of them! It's really cool how you can keep up with the 100 word limit. I would fail that almost instantly, trying to find exactly 100 words to express what I want to say. XD Keep it up!
7/14/2016 c26 1Miss Lib93
Lassie better not have died
7/14/2016 c23 Miss Lib93
Aw poor cat. I liked him. Rest in peace. My fish died this week so I know how they feel
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