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2/23/2019 c1044 61Pen to Paper Writer
Hmmm... after re-reading the original chapter 56 I can say that the updater chapter 1044 is different in a good way. This vein of writing gives it an update but while it did that it also left us with a cliffhanger. Will you be writing 1045 as a continuation to 1044? Good job.
2/23/2019 c1044 life's a mystery
oh I wonder what this DVD is?
2/23/2019 c1044 3DevonCastle
It wouldn’t be polite to tell you this is better than the original chapter 56 and after so long I couldn’t judge anyway but this chapter is fun and I’m anxious for more!
2/23/2019 c1044 Joana A
Great chapter! I hope this one has a continuation :-)
2/23/2019 c1044 19wendykw
Rick's order in Chinese had me laughing long and loudly. Thank you for that moment especially. The whole chapter was enjoyable, and I am hoping that chapter1045 explains the last paragraph.
2/23/2019 c1044 BigKahuna
So the debrief went well? An enthusiastic Beckett is always a nice touch.
2/23/2019 c1044 Hamlet 77
Well not the Kate Beckett shower scene I was expecting.

Another cliffhanger. What is happening? Maybe the dvd has that missing scene from...
2/22/2019 c1044 southerngirl1
Yikes, what a terrific job you did with chapter...
11/24/2018 c174 Kate
Wasn't the manager of the Yankees Joe Torre in 2000?
11/23/2018 c1043 FDWojo
That was fun! I really like the way you had all the characters acting and how they responded to the various events and people.

As one of the cynic's on this site, I can't quite help but feel that Mr Portillo might have known, and might have had some communication with a certain "Mr Hunt". But of course, maybe not, or perhaps maybe in a future sequel?

Anywho, this was a lot of fun and, as always, I'm looking forward to more stories (including Lord and Lady Castle) that you might create.


11/18/2018 c1042 Trude
nice update
11/20/2018 c1043 TORONTOSUN
I like how you wrote this chapter. I even like how you wrote the end, from the pilot series.
11/20/2018 c1043 wendykw
Interesting twists and turns. I was disappointed that Kate didn't bring up Portillo to Rick. I guess that's a mystery we don't get explained. The best part of their talk was how the words from after their first case were used, but each spoke the other's lines. Loved that.
11/19/2018 c1043 southerngirl1
As usual, great job - looking forward to what is next..
11/19/2018 c1043 47phnxgrl
Kudos on a fine story.
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