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for After A Deadly Affair

11/30/2019 c1058 23Swordwriter
There's a big difference between a snarky remark and a bitchy one. Kate's on the wrong side of the divide. Castle is sure as hell hiding some skills and talents from his background. No one would go to all that trouble for a mere writer. Liking this usual wild ride. jut not as much as Deadly Planet. A horny Kate is more fun than a bitchy one.
11/28/2019 c1056 Trude
great chapter
11/28/2019 c1056 tallcajun
This is a engrossing story - love it. The hit crew is an enigma. Eager to learn more. Your writing - wow!
11/30/2019 c1058 Hamlet 77
They’re stuck in a French speaking bit of Africa, not the best if you ask me. And they’re arranging the Fourth of July barbecue menu? I hope the sirloin is suitable dry aged before grinding for making the burgers. Anything under 35 days will just not do.
11/30/2019 c1058 BigKahuna
French? Africa?

Don't suppose Demming was part of the French Foreign Legion? And a little pay back for Beckett?
11/30/2019 c1058 59Pen to Paper Writer
Well, the upside is that she found him. The location I am sure sucks but at least they are together.
11/30/2019 c1057 TORONTOSUN
Very good writing.
11/29/2019 c1057 life's a mystery
oh i wonder who is calling her :)
11/29/2019 c1057 Pen to Paper Writer
Alexis, Martha or maybe even Castle himself? Only the shadow knows. :)
11/29/2019 c1057 4coyotepup4
I like all the 'guys' plus follow up from the past.

Speaking of which, you named a character after a Nazi Luftwaffe Field Marshall?
11/27/2019 c1055 Trude
great chapter
11/29/2019 c1057 BigKahuna
Oh, NO! Josh is calling for Beckett.
11/29/2019 c1057 19wendykw
What is Knowles' problem? Is Papa Jack behind Rick's safe extraction from the Hamptons? Maybe Rick was hiding in the Hamptons and had bodyguards that shot the Albanians. This gets curiouser and curiouser and curiouser.
11/27/2019 c1055 tallcajun
Wonderful story - loving both the mystery and characters. Martha is a hoot - glad she's included.
11/29/2019 c1057 Hamlet 77
So what name did this mysterious name caller use? Kate or Beckett?

That could be significant. If it was Gina, she would have said ‘hey you bitch cop’ of course.
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