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for After A Deadly Affair

11/27/2019 c1055 TORONTOSUN
I like that Martha makes an appearance in the chapter.
11/27/2019 c1055 Hamlet 77
So OK, why does Rick need ex Stasi guys and getaway drivers. Planning a rushed trip to Berlin or Dresden?
11/27/2019 c1055 BigKahuna
Where is Rick?
Still think Alexis is a bit too calm... ?

Don't suppose Vinnie "The Weasel" had to step in and save Rick?
11/27/2019 c1055 19wendykw
I like the mayor of the Hamptons very much.
11/27/2019 c1054 TORONTOSUN
I like how you wrote Gina and Alexis. I like the other characters as well.
11/26/2019 c1054 1DREAMWRITER 08
Like it when Alexis takes charge with unprofessional
people! Castle has been busy, wish Brady arrest Gina and take her shoes and run a messy test for footprints.
11/26/2019 c1054 19wendykw
My current guess is someone rescued Castle from the kidnappers/home invaders. I'm glad Alexis is there now. Maybe she and Kate will find a clue that Castle left for them.
The FBI b!tch certainly has a low opinion of Rick. He's had some interesting interactions with police in the past.
11/26/2019 c1054 23Swordwriter
Maze timeanyone?
11/26/2019 c1054 life's a mystery
oh very intriguing :)
11/26/2019 c1053 life's a mystery
oh my... i hope the Castles okay!
11/26/2019 c1054 Hamlet 77
Oh good grief the feds are involved. This can’t be good.
11/26/2019 c1054 BigKahuna
Always like when Rick is being "helpful" to either the FBI or CIA and Beckett must feel better knowing Rick has gone out of his way to help other Leo's.

So, Alexis is behind this? Pi talked her into getting her inheritance early?
11/26/2019 c1053 TORONTOSUN
I like how you started this story. Interesting take of season 2.
11/25/2019 c1053 Larry Holmes
Wow...sounds as if there was an ambush out west in RVN. Of course, no one was carrying bleach or had 'suppressors' there. Wonderful start to a new phase in this tale. Thanks.
11/25/2019 c1053 19wendykw
I have no idea what is going on in this story. Did a bunch of guys come for Rick? The bad guys were killed by more than one shooter, so where are those shooters? Or was it only one shooter? Why pile all the weapons in the shower? Where's Rick? The next chapter can't come soon enough, unless it goes up today. What a great start to a story.
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