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2/21/2015 c5 Guest
Ooooh! They're so cuuute! This story is so damn cute 3 I'm enjoying this story, please keep updating! ()
1/31/2015 c4 2xMrs.Zoldyck
I love the story! Creek is just the most adorable couple :3
10/26/2014 c4 Mish
Aww tweek followed Craig's advice! He even started knitting, that's adorable ;u; and oh craig, now tweek's parents are going to hate you. But you don't even care do you?
Lovely fic, please update soon!
7/18/2014 c4 MintChocoChipEAH
Lololol love this story! It is one of my favs! Please write more u r AMAZIN!
Erika! 3
6/28/2014 c4 MidnightLuve
Loan omg u have to keep going that was hilarious I wanna see what his parents do xD
3/21/2014 c3 43BillySage
I like your story, the plot is classic but you deal with it properly, and I like t he characters. However, your English is not flawless indeed, you often forgot " the" and there's sometimes a problem with tense. Maybe you someone to be your beta-reader, because your story being really nice, it would be a shame to ruin it because of grammar mistakes )
2/10/2014 c2 Delete this account its dead
This Fic is absolutely amazing, don't worry, dear your English is fine! Please, if you can continue this, you've pretty much hit Craigs personality on the spot, and Tweeks too, I love the way you have this setting up!
12/7/2013 c1 disruptiva
I really liked : 3 I hope u continue Soon. ( i hope they kissed each other)

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