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3/15/2020 c1 1Duchess12
good job
8/14/2017 c1 Guest
This is a great theory! Keep up the great work.
6/12/2017 c1 orangepurplePercyandJason
So cute!
1/3/2017 c1 Elizabeth
This is such a great story. This is probably a deleted book scene from the Prince. A scraped idea by Kiera Cass. VV The Wise Girl, you deserve more praise than you get. This is a great idea and should be sent to Kiera Cass pronto. I am a very big fan of the Selection and think this is a work of writing art on your behalf. This work of fanfic could be considered a real book. Keep on writing. - Elizabeth
9/22/2016 c1 1EveSelfInserts
This is really good! I really think Kiara should have used it as a intro to the story. Or something!
8/26/2016 c1 2darveysvirtue
That was cute! Love it!
5/3/2016 c1 ktfopp

I don't mean to be rude, but this is not a fantastic fanfiction. Honestly? I think this could have used a lot more detail and length to it as well. There was also a few grammar mistakes. I would have liked to know more about how Maxon feels through all of this, and I think him running into Lucy was a little bit cliche.
I'm sorry if I'm being rude... just trying to give an honest review.
3/5/2016 c1 Ringer
i really liked this piece of FanFiction, i would have never thought of this type of beginning to the love of America and Maxon, but i think this is truly a good piece of writing. everyone who writes on this website is sooo talented! i wish i could wright like this.
2/3/2016 c1 mad as a madhatter
i think that it was a good story like the vv the wise girl said it dosent add up with the prince because its fan-fiction that i have read the books but thing seam right and i loved it i thought it was kind of a side from like the other side.I LOVED IT
1/7/2016 c1 Hannah
Amazing! that should be in the novella The Prince.
12/30/2015 c1 Guest
That was low key fabulous
12/20/2015 c1 1selection12530
Such a good story, I love how you incorporated the characters! Pls write more! :D
11/9/2015 c1 3thewanderlustmarauder
Aw! What a cute idea and concept! I love the way you write!
10/11/2015 c1 Anonymous
Loved it!
8/11/2015 c1 Guest
UPDATE Please :) Cheers
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