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for Enos's Christmas Presents for Daisy

1/3 c12 13KayCee1951
OMG! First time in a while I've had time to read other Enos-centric fanfiction. I laughed so hard I nearly doubled over. Thanks!
8/14/2020 c1 8WENN9366
So...where are the drummers on day 12?! This is hilarious, you should finish it.
10/26/2016 c8 asteroula
It is christmas eve here in thessaloniki and i'm sleeping in my bed nine months pregnant excited and alert i wanted to hear a sound that i always loved hearing the ringing bells from mother's my mom send eight women and their cows to check on the kids and then tell her if they have been good or those maids came to my house too and the θηρωτηλεφωνο rang (phone ringing twiće).I was sleeping peacrfully yet feeling kind of painfull cause the baby was kicking xaderfi with her lover who is delios my friend as two turtle doves were looking at the clock which read 11:00 hmm she's coming delios turned back at me and saw my expression from peacefull turned into a pained one which made silently flew over to my head and with their wings soothed me opened the door of the house and walked inside the elevator and took it in pain didn't helped me sleep because of the powerfull kicks my little daughter was giving elevator announced fifth floor and suddenly the doorbell rang and being the only one who lived in this house i turned aside to door opened and those eight maids appeared at the gateway and they walked in admiring the christmas tree the presents they also found a note that i wrote to my mother wishing to have a cow and a silver bell for christmas and they saw the cookies and milk i had putted for her and they smiled i was really a good sweet of their cows who's my aunt eugenia let's just call her daisy walked inside my room and found me asleep and she mooed train arrived and i entered inside and sat on a seat and i felt warm liquid coming from my vagina and it was hurting like hell and i breathed slowly saying:Ahhhh it hurts so much!.Ioanna asked me:What happened asteroula dear friend why you have this pained expression on your face?.I said to her worriedly:Ioanna please can you check the situation down there?.She looks and understands that the baby's coming and she told me:That moment your daughter decided to be borned Right this course the partridge stepped in to check she gently used her beak to check how much centimetres is my opening below and she replied:It is only one centimetre you have eleven more each one of the twelve days of chtistmas it's day one me for example.2 hours passed and my sister marina entered with natalia and sat down a seat across mine and they stared at me my xaderfi louisa with delio opened my legs with their wigs and using their beaks checked now and they counted:Two centimetres our they started chirping melodically to calm me and my unborned daughter who is coming day three arrived and three french hens using glass started checking about the centimetres and they said:Il maintenant trois centimetres nous jour cluck started using french melody of christmas sings trying to calm mr down just as i have to push nine more days.I let a big heart wrenching scream and asked:Gahhhh how much does this have to day four arrived and four calling birds settled on my belly gently and they started singing christmas carols calming me down and they said pecking my belly:Hey come little girl out of your mother's belly.I chuckled at that and smiled blushing patting my swollen belly and the feathers of the four colly birds which they replied pecking my asked my sister:What is going on with your sister she looks in replied to her staring at me weirdly:She's giving birth apparently to our brother's child and she's in day five arrived and karen using her five golden rings checked how much centimetres are:Five centimetres she needs seven 's where i screamed harder than usual and the windows cracked a little as stefanos said:Ooh man tht gotta said:What did you thought stfane childbirth is easy no it isn' day six arrived and six geese appeared the five ones were resting while the last one who is my friend eua delios's sister walked over to my way and honked happily seeing me:Oh friend asteroula thank goodness you're okay what happened to you don't tell me you're giving birth to your daughter.I nodded and she honked jumping up and down in joy rustling her feathers around and she said:I knew it now friend asteroula can i check your opening below to see how much centimetres is.I nodded and she using her wings checked about cemtimetres and she honked that it's six and i have six more pushes to then asked me if she can lay her eggs on belly so this will soothe me down a bit and i nodded and she jumped over to my belly and sat there and happily layed her eggs while feeling my daughter kicking her and she honked to me saying:Ah felt her kick she's a strong one.I giggled happily and relaxed ruffling eua's feathers with my hand just before day seven arrived and christianna swam around splashing cold fresh water to my forehead which was sweating from the pushes and i had five more to sister sofia arrived then and sat next to marina staring at me weirdly before sending me a sympathetic smile which i smiled back at brother obsiouvously had overslept and now remembered that the train had already come and he was trying to look his day eight arrived and inside the train those maids entered with their cows and looked at me sympathetically as daisy the cow (my aunt eugenia) came to me shaking her head a bit and then she mooed loudly from my brother to hear this and she jumped up and down saying:Mooooooooo push now niece show the kids how strong girls push while giving birth to their children.I looked at her and said:I'm trying auntie eugenia but she won't come down she's brother stepped inside and sat next to sisters sofia and marina admiring the surroundings snd then he heard our aunt mooing to my daughter to come down this instant from my my aunt had to help me she put her two front legs over my belly And mooed loudly instructing me to maids all scrambled next to me and my aunt while the cows prevented all the kids to see this image cause it's censored from young kids to see a young girl giving birth.
9/18/2015 c11 jadedstar1
Too cute...where is 12 lol.
12/25/2013 c11 WENN9366
Uh oh...things aren't looking good for Enos!
12/16/2013 c7 WENN9366
Uh oh...let's see...are there any more birds coming up? I hope she likes milk 'cause she's about to have 8 cows worth of it!
12/16/2013 c5 WENN9366
Lol about the birds and the racket.
12/9/2013 c2 WENN9366
LOL. I want the story behind how he caught the partridge and turtle doves and dug up a pear tree. I can imagine hilarity of some sort ensued.

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