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for The Reign of Golden Darkness

10/8/2018 c2 Charlie1999
Please please update
9/19/2018 c2 wtf
um why the fuck you putting made up enemies in the story just ruins the story and make it to long to read so not gonna read any more of this crap
11/26/2016 c2 1Oniele
Thank you for the story, even if you won't finish it.
11/26/2016 c1 Oniele
11/13/2015 c2 9JimmyHall24
I vote yes to the adoption of Tenten. Another story I love. hope you update soon.
7/13/2014 c2 17Thors Alumni
Akainu is pretty similar to the Akainu of One piece. Was that intentional?
5/22/2014 c2 TetrisLame
I really like the chapter, it shows a lot of forethought. I'm looking forward to all the strings of worldbuilding coming together.

One mistake I noticed is that you use "threw" constantly instead of "through". An example for the right way:
The man threw the ball with all his might.
The woman walked through the door.

5/3/2014 c2 DragonBolt21
good story so far this is the first time im reading a story from a different perpective so i cant wait for the next chapter
4/9/2014 c2 4Trixy Fox
Very nice story, eager to see where it goes
4/8/2014 c2 9Dregus
...just what in the hell is going on here? i had expected this to be a simple (relatively speaking) story where alternate dimension fem naruto, raises her twin counterparts, not a bunch of OC, with their own agenda running around making things even more complicated then it already was.
i mean no disrespect as this looks really good, but there's already a lot of crap cannon naruto had to deal with (assuming you use all of the movies and filler arcs) and adding all of tose OC with their own plans seems like a bit much.
4/8/2014 c1 Dregus
so naruto's female dimensional counterpart is now going to raise him and his sister? this is a very interesting take on how this kind of thing usually goes. too bad she couldnt save the uzumaki clan, or kill madara before he could start his plans.
3/21/2014 c2 1Windninja1000
Great fic, can't wait till the next chapter!
3/17/2014 c1 Strife666
very interesting...
1/20/2014 c2 AJGuardian
Dayum...what? Shion the Priestess and her ilk are so vengeful...poor guys. I take it they speak of the Ten Tailed Beast...And not that excuse of a demon from the Movie. Ooookay. Starnge as this story has been, I would like to read some more. Keep it up...except for some of those typos and errors you seem so fond of leaving behind.
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