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for Discipline Malfunction

10/27/2016 c3 Guest
What is wswsith the code writing go back to how it was chapters 1-3!
3/9/2016 c4 Guest
fix the font where it isn't in code fix font to where it was chapters 1-3
9/13/2014 c60 sesshomura'slover
I like this story so far. Please update soon.
4/29/2014 c60 Bigfan
I really like this fic. I hope you update soon
4/2/2014 c60 Shadowhunter536
love this story hope you update again soon
3/16/2014 c42 MidnightAuroraWolf
I love this chapter and the letters and of course max would marry Liz before having sex with her same with Liz. Their values are prominently instilled in them...
I like me. Robertson and her analysis of the two and I think she is spot on especially regarding max and max not wanting to be away from Liz even in the third grade.
I always thought Max was highly intelligent and like Michael just hid it but even more so in max as he wanted to be close to Liz and in many ways coming right behind her academically all those years was as close as he could get...
Just stop pointing all the blame on Max. I also agree that the parents need to evaluate their knowledge of their kids if they never realized their children didn't get in trouble ever until recently and since they never had to discipline before they went to the extreme with fearing the worst happen and acting to enact the worse punishment possible and not believing your straight laced goody two shoes children when they told the truth that nothing happen and not talking things out but given direction for punishment right away..
Both sides over reacting is correct and the parents need to see it and accept they made a mistake and analyze what the letters are saying to them.
3/16/2014 c41 MidnightAuroraWolf
I am hoping slammer puts some real changes to things and lives up to his name and doesn't cower to people...

I meant to comment earlier about the vision and experience Liz and max had while cementing and the silvery glow max had and it seemed like max and Liz's former selves emerge somewhat and it was kind of cool. I like Beth ann and her motherly instincts and wanting to help out...
Good story so far...
3/16/2014 c38 MidnightAuroraWolf
Interesting way for Liz to gain her powers and then to change and become a hybrid too and then be able to bare children with powers. That was such a sweet chapter. I love max and Liz and looking forward to reading more and see where it is headed especially with the area 51 being under new command and if Max and Liz stay in this small rural town...
3/16/2014 c29 MidnightAuroraWolf
Excellent chapter...
Gotta love Michael and Maria...
3/16/2014 c27 MidnightAuroraWolf
Lovely chapter...
3/16/2014 c24 MidnightAuroraWolf
What a great chapter that is cute and adorable and max is the sweetest..
3/16/2014 c22 MidnightAuroraWolf
Classic Maria and Michael especially Maria beating on Michael and Michael using his classic move to shut her up. Loved the Alex catching them and shock. Loved the Alex and Isabel moment at the end...
Great chapter...
Glad Maria yelled at them.
3/16/2014 c21 MidnightAuroraWolf
Jim is very right both sets of parents didn't know how great they had it or easy. Both children honor students, never getting in trouble always obeying and doing what is asked of them. They make a few simple mistakes and they don't talk or listen just make outrageous plans like sending Liz to bordering school with no contact etc.. Max losing the jeep, phone, etc.. both sets of parents bad mouthing the other child more so Nancy bad mouthing max.. strange that they never actually talked to their children and never knew about either crushes they just expected so much from them both and their standards are high. I loved Alex and his explanation and admitting to hacking. I love Alex being a computer geek and has swell abilities. Loved the letters from max and Liz. I loved Jim's condition to keep the case open and liked the intern for forensic psychology...good chapter..
3/15/2014 c3 MidnightAuroraWolf
Wow harsh punishments for their new relationship especially after two indiscretions..
Boarding school really for your academic excelling daughter..
Max too...
3/15/2014 c2 MidnightAuroraWolf
Loved the parents chatting together..
I always felt the show didn't showcase them more...
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