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6/5 c40 2oujiswan
5/17 c40 Tumelo Uzumaki-Midoriya Mariri
This fic has not been updated since last February, I hope you didn't pass away...

But on to the review, please let the next chapter be the one where Danzo DIES...
4/29 c40 androxtempest
This was a good fic i hope it continues some time
4/8 c2 Guest
Muito bom eu realmente posso ver isso acontecendo. É interessante poder imaginar como poderia ser a mente de naruto.
2/15 c12 TylerBreeding
trainings cringy af that's not hiw you make elite soldiers that's how you male dogs.
12/22/2022 c6 geoslim21
r&d not just r. t&i not just t
12/7/2022 c2 62GeoHei
Is airheaded dude still alive? If he is just know about a 1000 people are worried about you, man.
12/7/2022 c1 62GeoHei
Has anyone gotten a response from Airheaded Dude recently?
10/27/2022 c40 1TheWateringWizard
Oh no... The last chapter ends just before we get to the Danzo butt-kicking... Please come back ! There's still so much we need to see, Naruto fighting Kurama and becoming a super badass, a Sasuke-Itachi reunion...
10/27/2022 c39 TheWateringWizard
Pretty badass ending for Hinata ! It's sad to see the destruction caused by Danzo's schemes...
10/27/2022 c38 TheWateringWizard
Damn, Sasori and Deidara made it out of the fight ?
10/19/2022 c8 Guest
and they forgot the kage bunshin to practice their chakra control?
10/19/2022 c7 Guest
enserio, te creaste una película de mini detectives aquí?
10/11/2022 c40 1crazypaul00
Hey awesome work there juat finished reading again, waiting for next update
10/4/2022 c37 1TheWateringWizard
I can’t wait for Danzo to die. What he plans to do his completely against his philosophy. He wants what’s best for the village and that is not killing a clan heiress
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