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9/24/2014 c6 ArtemisCarolineSnow

I'm so sorry about Christina.
8/29/2014 c6 Guest
2/16/2014 c5 Mockingjay28
I understand you are very sad. I hope you feel better soon. If all else fails eat chocolate. Trust me It helps
1/18/2014 c6 3The Land
My condolescences go to you, your family, and Christina's family. :'(
1/18/2014 c6 smeds1
I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you can recover from this and stay strong.
12/24/2013 c5 2Peetawillalwaysbemine
The mystery is GLIMMER!
12/14/2013 c5 texttalk
like omg u tots needs to like upi this tots awes story like tots btw I know who the myst pers is omg
12/12/2013 c5 Guest
12/12/2013 c5 Guest
form more of a story. too much of your story is just lyrics. I want a story about peeta and katniss but i like what you did with the mystery character. In the next chapter explain the date but maybe make it go bad but have the mystery girl tell katniss that it went really good to make her jelaous.
Eventually make some peetaxkatniss smut
12/12/2013 c4 Guest
I like Ed Sheeran song for Peeta- it fits him. Or The Lumineers. I think a great idea would be Glimmer becoming obsessed with Peeta snd stalking him. I'd prefer it didn't riiin his and Katniss' relationship, but make it stronger, angering Glimmer and causing her to act out on Peeta physically. Your story has a lot of potential. Hope you continue.
12/13/2013 c5 Michelangela
She' s president Snow dressed like a girl! I knew it he liked Peeta! And I knew his sexsual orientation wasn't that straight... Besides jokes I have no idea who she can be (clove, rue,effie?) the story is well written and I like it . Johanna is great!
12/12/2013 c5 marxjam
I think she is Delly but I'm not sure. I like the chapter and I really like the story
12/11/2013 c4 Silverghost105
Oh yeah! I forgot to add that I personally don't really think you need songs for people to sing, especially if almost the entire chapter is full of song lyrics... Cuz I get my hopes up for a lot of action between the characters and I'm disappointed when I read it and it just says "so-and-so sang this song *entire lyrics of the song* and so-and-so sang this song, etc etc" and there's barely any action in the chapter. It's like if your going to include songs, maybe you should just state the song they sing and is readers can just listen to the song and envision it as the character singing it; and therefore get more on drama/action that ensues. :)
12/11/2013 c3 silverghost105
Y'know just because you don't get many reviews it doesn't mean that no one likes your story... But I definitely would enjoy seeing what you do with this story! So please, it's kind of unfair to those who do review to not get a chapter just because others didn't review... That is all. I really would like to see what the next chapter holds! Also, sorry my account is being weird so I just reviewed as a guest to be able to get this review out to ya(;
12/11/2013 c4 2QueenChicken
Songs hmmm well if all the characters are signing then.
Peeta: Something I need by one republic
Johanna: it's raining men by the weather girls
Annie: You had me at hello by a day to remember
Finnick: Angel with a Shotgun by the cab
Gale: thnks fr the mmrs by fall out boys
If you need anymore help just PM Me :)
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