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for Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus

5/15 c83 Forever Rahhel
Oof, can't say I saw this coming. Seeing Lily give up like that was gut-wrenching. It's so odd to see her full of hope at the start despite having such a miserable life and now to be the exact opposite.
5/15 c83 5CreativeMode
Hopefully not the end, absolutely love this story. One of the best on fanfiction for sure.
5/11 c83 2Zasha the Cat
Wait holy shit is this actually the end? But I feel like you’d leave more of an author’s note in that case
5/11 c83 Zasha the Cat
It’s not over though, right? No.

Hmmmmm im very excited to see what comes next then because this has been a wild ride
5/11 c83 alexc123
Is this the end? great chapter!
5/10 c83 2jumping-jo
This ending - if it is the ending was sadish - lily didn't get to grow up yet she wrapped everything up and uncle death helped her.
5/10 c83 Guest
Oh is this the end?! But isn't she meant to meet Trotskey as a teenager where he develops his annoyingly creepy obsession with her?
Well,i f it is the end thank-you for an amazing story that has kept many of us entertained and enthralled for years.
5/9 c83 Guest
Is this the end? I don't feel ready for it to be the end, holy hell, I'm bawling... amazing, weirdly depressing chapter, but I hope there's at least one more? Amazing writing as always!
5/9 c83 Autumn Pears
Wow, that ... derailed so very quickly. The last time I read this story was the Trotsky date chapter. And seeing the update today, I decided to take a break from work, only to be hit with pure heartbreak. Oh gosh, how could it get to the end so quickly? I looked away from this story for a moment and when I looked back, Lily has lost Sirius, parted ways with Lenin, and then given up on the world itself. It's so tragic I have no words for it. Lily is cursed, having the power of gods and a heart of humans.

I suppose we're near the end now? Part of me desperately wishes that Lily and Lenin could get back together, that some miracle would happen and Lily would find her place among friends who cherish her. But I don't see that happening, not in the current world anyway. I would fully expect a Deus ex machina at this point in any other stories, but not in yours. You've always let the inevitable comes when it's time. It's like with The Unwinding Golden Thread, or your Fate/Apocrypha fic, where the end is abrupt and nobody saw it coming - I didn't, but truthfully there's no place left to go from there. And that's one of the things I love most about your stories, that steamrolling straight to the bitter end without a hint of stalling.

What saddens me most is how Lenin will never know what happened. What would he make of her disappearance? He may piece together, eventually, that she has left this world, but he would never know the despair she felt in that moment. The awful things that specter of Tom Riddle accused her of, that the darker part of her soul believed in, in that moment. Oh, and I do believe Lenin will forever regret saying goodbye to her like that. He will regret it, but I wonder when - the very moment after she's gone, years later, or at the time of his inevitable doom? I would really want to see that, even as a spin off.

Neville - is such a pitiful creature. I wonder if he has enough presence of mind left to realize that the only reason he's been able to destroy those "horcruxes" was because Lily considers him a friend and is willing to suffer in his stead. Being Wizard Judas was his special power. Or perhaps he's never had the wit to realize something like that, brainwashing or not, and he won't live to grow old enough to understand it either. I'd be surprised if he made it through the school year.

There'll be an epilogue, right? Maybe a time skip to see how everyone in this world turns out, and then what Lily gets up to in the faraway land with Death? A happy ending is too much to ask for, but when was the last time Lily smiled from her heart? She deserves happiness, somehow, somewhere - she deserves it more than anyone else.
5/9 c83 Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory
WTF. is this the end ?
5/9 c1 the humblest person ever
Oh my gulay! I didn’t see that coming! Thank you
5/9 c83 7Wonders and Madness
I hope this isn’t the end. But even if it is, I am okay with that. This…this is one of the greatest stories I have ever read. Thank you very much for writing into existence. I’m looking forward to seeing if this continues or not:)
5/9 c83 McR2D2
Dear god, I love this story so much. Please never stop.
5/9 c83 llIMagic
Wow, this is such a sad chapter, but fitting also. We accelerated toward the end, seemingly, pretty quickly. But that's the way life is sometimes. It's interesting that the older Death has already been through all of this. I feel like there's a chance she could still be de-railed from this and the story will go on but for the first time I am wondering if she will actually take the train. Great to read this update, very touching chapter. Thanks for writing!
5/9 c83 JraittM
This started out really funny in an extreme sort of way but I really like how it’s developed into a more serious story.
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