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3/1 c15 1Lolypok
I just discovered your account, and I have been binge-reading all of your stories. Great chapter as always!
1/16 c15 Tumbler-Tidbits
Yay! Thank goodness Bobby got there just in the Nick of time! I hope Sammys is ok!
1/13 c15 Rool
Awesome,keep going!
1/10 c15 Mistycat
I've loved every chapter in this story. Thank you for sharing it. I enjoy your writing and look forward to seeing your work. Also, yeah, last chapters are tough.
1/5 c15 Guest
ahhhh, this was such a sweet surprise to see! i love your writing so. i love sam wanting to give sappy just-in-case speeches and dean shutting him down, so in character. and god, i wonder how they would react if worst came to pass and the injury did call for something drastic like amputation .
1/4 c15 lipglosskaz
Excellent update. Poor Lil Sammy.
1/3 c15 Shazza19
Glad to hear you are finishing this how about More Than Enough any chance with that one.
1/3 c1 Elliesamdeangirl
Imagine buying your 14 year old a bunch of tomato soup, and just forgetting he was allergic to tomatoes?Jeeze John was so not a good father, thank goodness for Dean, brother, father, mother, best friend ever, all tolled into one?
1/3 c15 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Oh man, thank heavens Bobby got there when he did, but I'm with Dean and super worried about Sammy. How much he retreated into his youth, asking Dean to not tell John, but Sammy is Deans kid and that's all I have too say about that. Dean will always protect him to his best ability.

Going to hate to see the last, but I get it. Well done!
1/3 c15 Sylwinka1991
Good to see you again! When Sam said magic word rebar it immediately hit me because of Supernatural finale. Thank God that Bobby found boys.
1/3 c15 14Laila-Writes
OMG this is the best thing that happened to me this new year's! I was half asleep when the notification came on and I'll tell you, I've rarely woken up so fast. Love me some snarky brotherly banter and hurt Sam and protective Dean. And Sam calling Dean, 'De'. Also, we got some badass Bobby. Woohoo! This chapter has EVERYTHING!

Scratch that. This STORY has everything! Love it so much!

And I see what you did with the 'rebar'. I loved how my heart broke into a million pieces. Thank you for that.

Welp, guess I'm gonna re-read the whole thing and be prepared for the grand finale :) Thank you so much for the update. You made my day! Happy new year! LXx
1/3 c15 153ncsupnatfan
Good to see you back and can't wait to see how this ends. Good chapter and knew Bobby would find them. I'm just scared of how bad Sam's injuries are and if he will recover. Thanks for finishing the story. NC
1/2 c15 reannablue
That chapter was you and Happy New Year!
10/9/2021 c14 6Cerruleannight
This story pulled me in! I love the integration of their memories with a present day case and the boys getting to reestablish their relationship. You really do a great job! Hope you keep writing whenever the inspiration hits!
4/9/2021 c8 whiteraven67
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