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6/3/2015 c1 Phoenix615
Adorable! One of the many reasons why I love Icabod! His reawakening to the 21st century has been fraught with some hilarious moments. As he becomes more accustomed to our world these moments will become less frequent. He is still learning.
12/28/2013 c1 itscalledkarma
This was soooooooo funny...loved how in character they were! I too was hoping for at least a chaste kiss on the cheek in the Golem episode, I was a bit disappointed. Great job by the way :-)
12/20/2013 c1 aligal528
12/12/2013 c1 Whitelion69
This a very good and very sweet one-shot.
12/11/2013 c1 Sarah
Hehe. That was funny. Enjoyed that.
12/10/2013 c1 3Silaya Arctic Prower
you arenot alone! i thougt they were gunna kiss. i almost cried when they didint.

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