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for The Christmas Wish of a Lonely Child

2/20/2020 c1 orphanaccount1239
My heart ️
6/24/2016 c1 Tsubakiay
So fluffy! x3
6/16/2014 c1 NewCreature11111
Oh my gosh! That was the sweetest Naruto Christmas story I've ever read, and I've read many.
5/29/2014 c1 ThreeKittiesDancing
Well, even though it's not Christmas-time, I found your story while looking for 'Naruto's childhood' stories, and just had to read it. Your story made me cry! It was such a cute piece, and I thought you got the characters right, too.

Stories like this make me wish so hard that this had happened in canon. As it is, it's very, very sad that Sarutobi didn't have his talk with Iruka until Naruto's class was graduating, the talk that made him step back and re-examine how he'd been regarding and treating Naruto all the years he'd been teaching him. It seems, in canon, Iruka wasn't very patient or nice to Naruto the whole time he had him in class, and only had a change of heart after the Hokage spoke to him, and Iruka saw what Mizuki did to the boy. It's a testament to just how lonely and neglected Naruto truly was, that he still viewed Iruka-sensei so favorably, even though he only started being really kind to him at the time of Naruto's graduation and beyond. To children who are truly alone and neglected, they even view negative attention as a positive thing, just to have someone pay attention to them for just a few minutes, and that description fits Naruto to a tee.

Thanks again for writing such a heartfelt, touching story! I hope you'll continue to write more stories about Naruto's younger years...there's so much that we just don't know, so it's up to the fanfic writers to fill in the gaps.
5/15/2014 c1 5TheWind11
This is so...beautyful. You touched my heart. You should write more, you have talent,
12/12/2013 c1 87KaliAnn
I think this was cute
12/11/2013 c1 3Alykailyn96
Wow, I really enjoyed this story :) You're a very skilled writer and I hope you'll write other Naruto stories! :)

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