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10/4 c3 1Vamp712
I feel like either in the story or in an off to the side authors note the nephew thing could be explained. Is there a third brother that will be brought into the scene or does Simon have a kid? In high school? Good read though, the connection between Chloe and Derek is starting to show.
10/4 c2 Vamp712
The story is progressing fine but I feel like Chloe's missing a bit of information. Like would her had really let two random teenage boys into his house to watch her sleep while he does. I don't know any parents that would allow it. I've got a grudge against Aunt Lauren for the way she betrayed Chloe in the books so I'm curious to see how she does here.
10/4 c1 Vamp712
The description in this is amazing. I must admit though I had to reread the bulk of this several times to get a sense of who is who and who said what. I found it a little confusing to follow. But overall still great so far.
5/19/2017 c34 Huntsman-in-the-snow
Dude, this was a rough chapter. Very emotional and haunting. Keep up the good work!
5/4/2017 c2 new-Necro03
When I was ten, my mom got cancer. She was too far gone to seek treatment and she died while I was in first grade." you are typically 10 4-5th grade and around 6-7 in 1st grade
12/6/2016 c32 ImmyImmortalGamr
Pleeeeasee update?! The story is amazing!
11/19/2016 c32 Huntsman-in-the-snow
More more more! Yikes so much drama poor chloe. Part of me feels like those cops won't believe her though. ...
11/8/2016 c8 FuckBoi666
It lives up to my name. All da fluff! More fluff!
11/8/2016 c4 Phoenix
Good. I like how realistic it is.
11/6/2016 c32 1Zane S. White
8/30/2016 c1 FlameDangeres
OMG I love it though is that the last chapter please write more
8/6/2016 c31 Kate
PLEASE CONTINUE! I LOVE this story. You have to finish. Please continue to update.
7/24/2016 c31 1jabc4
"Oh God" is right...
6/12/2016 c30 Bo Little
No more?
8/25/2015 c30 CherrySlushLover
This can't be the last chapter?! What is happening?
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