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12/12/2013 c1 1AprilSeven2
AHHHHHHHH! My two FAVORITES: Astro Boy and Star Wars / and YES! Luke Skywalker/Astro - this is MARVELOUS! I'm not familiar with Bender, really, so I'm guessing some of those remarks (like "we're boned") are his. We do get Netflix, so I'll have to make a point of watching some Futurama so I can get a feeling for Bender's personality, but he seems to be a natural fit in C3PO's role.

And Princess Uran? YES (plus the fact she and Astro are brother and sister) - DARTH SHADOW - the overlapping is about as seemless as you can get. What I'm waiting to see is if Astro and Uran are ROBOTS in this story or if that is not defined . . .

Looking forward to MORE! (oh, yeah - one more thing - GREAT use of O'Shay from Ochanomizu). THANK YOU! :-D

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