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2/4/2021 c5 3FantasyStoryElf
I love the fact that you grab Jack a Shakespearean English accent. I have done that a few times with my characters from books I write.
9/21/2020 c3 7akeye49
Wouldnt jack sayI will always be there for thee when thou is hurt" is correct? Not "I will always be there for thee when thee is hurt".
7/19/2020 c42 BM15
Pls finish :) really good - enjoying it lots!
3/5/2019 c33 KasumiCrystal1
I'm very concerned now... tf is the next memory gonna be?
3/5/2019 c29 KasumiCrystal1
I'm getting concerned now
3/5/2019 c19 KasumiCrystal1
oh god xD
3/5/2019 c14 KasumiCrystal1
Tbh when I read "as he reached up to touch Jackson's unresponsive shoulder, his hand slid right through the boy" I just sat there gaping like an idiot staring at the words for a whole minute.
3/5/2019 c12 KasumiCrystal1
Bloom and Jack are friggin adorable
3/5/2019 c8 KasumiCrystal1
Well.. i WAS eating a ham sandwich just now... Now I feel like throwing up xD
1/26/2019 c19 KasumiCrystal1
Oh god xD
1/26/2019 c12 KasumiCrystal1
Awwwwwww the endig is adorable!
1/26/2019 c4 KasumiCrystal1
Lol the ending xD
12/9/2018 c5 Summerstorm
Thank you for the correct use of wherefore! No one ever gets it right! Thank you!
8/18/2018 c7 Summerstorm
Thee means you - and of a sentence *
Thy meat your/yours**
Thou means you beginning ***

*I give this to thee
**Thy parents must be worried
*** Thou art brighter than a thousand stars.
8/18/2018 c5 Guest
It's 'Slew' not slayed.
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