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11/7/2014 c31 12stardumclover
great chp. Luv it
11/6/2014 c31 DemigodBooks
This chapter was definitely worth the wait! I can not wait for the next one, everyone's reactions are so interesting.
11/6/2014 c31 14Wolfrunner99-2
I have no idea why you were worried, this is brilliant! And the chalice thing really worked better than the goblet. I liked the part about the pookas as well, and there were relatively few mistakes in it. I loved it! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, got it?
9/30/2014 c30 7BrightSideoftheMoon
Hey sorry it took me forever to get to this, but it was great! I liked the part with Jamie and Ella in the beginning.
9/22/2014 c19 Guest
i can't believe you just went there, ohh snaps
9/20/2014 c10 Guest
Hold up, were's sandy!?
9/21/2014 c30 2KoreanMusicFan
Maybe Non-Con? (why is it called that anyway?) someone forced him not him forcing others.
8/22/2014 c29 converse6485
please update soon
8/22/2014 c29 14Wolfrunner99-2
Ooooooooo I HATE SHADOWS! GRRR! GRRR! HE'S! I! ERRRGH! I've run out of words. I love this chapter! Oh, and I'm all caught on this story now! YAY!
8/22/2014 c28 Wolfrunner99-2
Oh, so sad, Jack! This is AWESOME!
8/22/2014 c27 Wolfrunner99-2
Oh, god, oh, no, Jack! NO! Wait, right, nope, he's not dead. Whoops. Um, yeah, ignore that first part. This was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!
8/22/2014 c26 Wolfrunner99-2
Oh. My. God. That was one of the funniest chapters I have ever read. Thank you thank you thank you!
8/22/2014 c25 Wolfrunner99-2
Dude, everything but the mood swing was awesome. The mood swing was the sad ending, btw. I didn't like that because it got all sad when everyone was happy! But it was still a great chapter.
8/22/2014 c24 Wolfrunner99-2
Oh, sure Jack, no favorites! Hahaha, this is an amazing and adorable chapter!
8/22/2014 c23 Wolfrunner99-2
Awwww! That was so CUTE!
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