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for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion

7/18 c51 S
I really hope you didn't listen to the haters and abounded this.

Well it was fun while it lasted anyway
5/14 c51 Guest
I've been wondering, are you putting the story on hold to see where Roze of the Recapture goes?
Cause I don't see any way to include more characters into this story.
4/2 c40 mRM
Wait a minute
Now after many years that I think about it Shin Hyuga is the Perfect Antagonist for Nunnally.

One Values Life And One Wants To Destroy It.
What Humans Want To Be And The Dark-side We Reject.
To Side Of A Coin.

Nice thinking there my friend.
3/27 c4 jixuel
I always thought that lelouch would come up with a better solution than simply throwing geass at the person in charge of the suzaku trial in these time travel fics. Using geass like that is too risky, that's when viletta and probably others start to suspect there's something wrong. Let's agree that a reborn Lelouch CAN certainly find a solution with less risk than this...
3/21 c53 Batazr
I love to have a scene where Suzuki reacts to the bombing of Yuki's car like she's still loves probably take off some off he goddamn deserves like and go and visit her in the hospital
3/21 c53 Guest
I love the idea of suzaco getting a the two girls and that's all I want please
3/21 c53 Batazr
Please do not kill off. Euphemia.
3/8 c53 Guest
Best Code Geass fanfiction I have read. Extremely exciting. Thank u
3/5 c1 Guest
Still Hoping For You Man.

Still Waiting For Your Return.
2/8 c52 Guest
Here's some ideas Suzaku could find out Lelouch is Zero:

1. He encounters Nunnally First. Anything can happen with that like how he was revealed to be The Lancelot pilot.

2. If rumors about Zero's Women get out he could volunteer to hunt them down. When he does first he finds Kallen and maybe Shirley as well. He would know there is only one reason both would be there: Lelouch.

3. We have repeat of The Last Scene from Season 1, but instead of Kallen Somehow Euphie is there, and Maybe Nunnally and Jeremiah show up.

BTW since your also a Star Wars Fan it would be thrilling to have a Duel Of The Fate, Battle Of The Heroes, and A Jedi's Fury moments.
2/3 c49 Guest
Does Leila ever have her Geass in this Timeline?
1/26 c49 J
Right now I'll say that the WZERO gang's best chances for survival will be if they dish the EU and join up with Nunnally and Jeremiah. If Leila's pride doesn't get in the way that is. Still it could be a fun and interesting character interaction.
1/26 c44 J
Years later and just realize that may not be Shirley speaking but V-two speaking threw her, which makes him more of a baster who got what he deserved.
1/24 c13 Guest
You could have made Kaguya Ask 0 make her his wife And ask Him And come on, it could have been awesome.
1/24 c12 Guest
So if she doesn't want to hurt zeros Doesn't want To hurt her little sister that He loves why is he fucking with you femia the sister that she's Most most liked and happy with cause if I was correct 0 had a fine with her sister. Why are you a writer wrunning Cornelia like an ass? She is a person who takes the ideals of a Knight. She respected volution, we'll loose wanted to make a better timeline. Why don't you're just going get what you said or is merit motivations to destroy Virginia and make sure everything goes happier? Wow he's not doing that
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