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for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion

1/17 c41 Guest
suzaku is beginning to realize that to change things he needs power
1/17 c41 Guest
The chapter's name was unsuitable.
1/17 c41 Guest
Great chapter.

It's a good thing that Rai removed the Geass command on Kallen, but I highly doubt that the possibilities of treachery have been averted. Zero is already making contingency plans to take down Xingke, who is very likely to betray him again at some point. Ohgi has decided to go to China, along with Nina, to field test the FLEIJAs and to directly confront Zero. It's possible that Lelouch will tell him the truth and ease his concerns. However, Ohgi has another motive to betray Lelouch. The Second Consul wishes to make peace with Britannia with the help of FLEIJAs. Depending on how Lelouch replies to his proposal, Ohgi can still exploit the situation and launch a mutiny through lies. Meanwhile, Nunnally, Sayoko and Jeremiah are making their own plans to fight Shin, who is clearly a dangerous threat. Nunnally has decided to date Ashley, in order to gain allies and to divide Shin's knight order. I wonder how things will end in the EU and Euro Britannia.
1/17 c41 FateBurn
Good chapter
1/17 c41 Patjeeson
When the people with the highest position with in the black knights were being suspicious of zero , Rei involuntary saved the situation giving Lelouch a boon in some twisted sense ,he will probably suspect that there are spy with Geass canceller and Geass powered inside Japan and the black knights. With Rei confirming that Lelouch's father is more than prepared to deal with him things could go south very fast: but Lelouch is Lelouch and Charles wants him as emperor . I really would like to see Charles pov of Lelouch and his thought process that had created that decision...
1/17 c41 5stardrago
so with Kallen's feelings for Lelouch resurfaced and no way for him to make her forget again, will this perhaps lead to a scene in which both Kallen and C.C. be in belly dancer outfits together like in the picture drama, alone with Lelouch?
1/17 c41 1R.R. Blaze
Dammit. Things are going in ways I never expected. Ashley now has a thing for Nunnally and wants to date her. Well, I suppose he would be a better suitor than Suzaku. Lelouch has found the Shen Hu and now plans to use it as a way to take down Xingke if he betrays him again. C.C. still doesn't remember the time she spent with Lelouch. Rai's role as a spy of Geass Order has been revealed and he has removed the Geass which Zero placed on Kallen. Ohgi and his allies are trying to determine whether they should stay loyal to Zero or commit treason. Euphemia has begun enacting her plans to end Britannia's wars, but is burdened by doubt and unease. Suzaku is having trouble as a commander, due to discrimination. Ohgi plans to use the FLEIJAs and I doubt the results of his actions would be pleasant. I'm unsure what to expect at this point. Still, I hope Zero triumphs.
1/12 c40 s.k.f.f.f
oh man, not going well for Lelouch, I'm thinking in the end, Lelocuh will learn nothing changed but perhaps worse than the original timeline. cheers and start of a new year.
12/31/2021 c7 JKingSniper
Immortal emperor rule the world is the true path
12/31/2021 c6 JKingSniper
Come on
thought he learned by now
12/31/2021 c5 JKingSniper
Do hope he wins this time
showing his maturity compared to the past him
12/31/2021 c4 JKingSniper
Damn it Suzuki
12/14/2021 c40 Guest
Ohgi has become selfish and delusional like Suzaku. He probably thinks he can use FLEIJAs to force Britannia into peace talks. He has no idea just how flawed his plans are.
12/14/2021 c40 Knightfall666
Does Ohgi not realize that if Britannia comes back they're probably going to kill everyone.
12/10/2021 c11 R.R. Blaze
fonte20nit, it was a good victory for the Black Knights. Sir Guilford was an enemy combatant and someone who went along with every atrocity Cornelia chose to perform. General Darlton was the same.
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