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for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion

6/30 c50 s.k.f.f.f
wow, this chap was amazing, that traitorous smug smiles is in league with Charles and cc is back woot woot.
6/30 c49 s.k.f.f.f
I was hoping both suzaku die, drat. otherwise chapter was riveting to the core.
6/30 c48 s.k.f.f.f
data boy, long last encounter either Mr v two, I'm salivating
6/20 c49 RandomReview
Haha I was going to wait until I was fully caught up to comment, but I couldn't help myself after this chapter. The latest series of events just personifies everything wrong in a "war" story. Nameless mooks? Die by the tens, hundreds, thousands like chaff. Named character? The plot armor shall protect you from Ragnarok itself. Like Jesus that was a pointless collection of words forming sentences and paragraphs. What's the point of a fight without any stakes? All that action and excitement of a fight to the death dashed as the reality set in. They're not actually fighting to the death at all. It was just a friendly spar in the end!
6/15 c20 RandomReview
Finally started reading this story as it somehow slipped under my radar, and so far so good. I find myself somewhat bewildered at how Lelouch is so adamant on holding the idiot ball for some reason. The whole point of the peggy sue is to fully leverage your knowledge of future events, but he seems insistent on making the same mistakes. Things have certainly changed, but boy is he still indeed waiting for things to just come bite him in the ass.

I get that there is a need for drama, but some things can simply be avoided. Why the hell has he still not gotten those contact lenses? It's been several years so I'm not exactly sure if they have some special voodoo property of blocking geass, but a suitably opaque pair of lenses to block contact with his eyes should suffice.

Anyway looking forward to how the double persona issue will play out. As succintly put, you can't serve two masters.
6/8 c19 GJMEGA
Why doesn't Lelouch just get the contacts from before? He has an obvious solution to his Geass Rampancy.
6/5 c1 Jman17
anyone got a problem using the mobile app, can't read even the downloaded stories
6/5 c50 Guest
The last chapters have been soul crushing to read as a European. You wrote the European conflict very well. Even if it follows Code Geass canon, you filled in the details Iman impressive manner.

Personally I have not seen most of Akito, but in any case the way the EU fell apart and it's politicians sold Europe out is in all fairness not far from how the politicians and states of Europe function in real life, so it was easy to relate to it. By the end I more than sympathised with the military coup, and I would in this world consider it Europe's last best hope.

Then tolearn Smilas is in league with the Emperor? That even that last best hope was already traitor to mother Europa?

It's a beautiful tragedy.
6/4 c50 Guest
Europa is feminine, therefore it's "Europa Invicta", not invictus.
6/2 c50 8DinoGuy2000
Oof. Things are quite a mess, even more so than expected. C's World demands a singular timeline, while the two primary ones burn. Yeesh. And the state of the EU, already surrendered to Britannia no matter which choice went through. V.V.'s misery is satisfying at least.

Good work!
5/30 c29 Vanthiyethevan
... having todoh fighting against other japanese just because they feel that the kyoto should be in charge... and they need revenge agaisnt zero? and for what? the general todoh was loyal to, was killed by suzaku, under orders from the empire.
katase going against zero made sense. even kirihara going against zero made some sense.

but everything after that made no sense at all. todoh should not have gone against zero. and even if he did, he atleast should not have accepted help from britannia who killed katase and all those civilians.
5/30 c7 Vanthiyethevan
i always hated suzaku. he is not the good guy. he is just a coward hiding behind the rules of the military.
he wants to prove to himself that he was right to kill his father. and the only way to do so, is to change britania from within, instead of fighting them. honor and integrity is not what keeps him going. its cowardice and hiding from his patricide that does.
5/30 c50 23ryder77
Oh, boy. Please don't let my girl go through another roller coaster (and PLEASE don't make it a harem!).
5/30 c50 Covid69
well shame that it ended this early but i suppose we'll wait for R3 or S3 of this book. It bothers me that Britannia was making stupid decision and how people didn't protest those decisions. Postur and Colux were idiots , not just for burning Paris slaughtering tens of thousands of men and women but for wasting resources. I had always thought that Britannia was a cruel nation, a despicable and tryranical nation but one that had rationality into it. What are the benefits of burning Paris? How much has been wasted just to indulge in this stupidity. The uprising was quite predictable, when a burning a city the most expected and important result is that it destroyed the enemies moral. What Britannia did was the opposite they galvanized Europe turning cowed citizens into raving rebellious madmen. I would have thought that it was rational, that there was an extreme logical reason to it but unfortunately there was not. This actually makes Britannia weaker, Britannia's greatest strength is the willingness to go above and beyond to complete their objectives no matter the cost. This is why Britannia conquered so many nations because it was willing to throw everything on the line just to win and they do win, a lot.

This is what makes Britannia unique as it's willing to anything to win. Despite all of this there are always stupid people on all sides and eventually some of them would do this which will eventually lead to problems down the line like the uprising before. Yet the fact that Postur and Collix are not punished in any form is mind boggling. They should be made examples for their stupidity and then be used to promote the state ideology by not making stupid moves that would result in this. Although should is a wishful form of thinking and a line of thinking that should be abandoned as cold analysis is all that is needed. Still this means that Britannia is arrogant which makes them quite admittedly easier to defeat. their Sakudarite reserves are running low yet i do not understand why Britannia hasn't tried to conquer Japan again, I would have thought that invasion plans would already be on the boards of Britannian high command. It's also the best time to strike Russia is going to be a great distraction whilst Lelouch goes to war with it. He may have FLEIJA but people won't like Lelouch if he keeps using them. FLEIJA is a weapon of potent destruction but it requires time to build and he only has one. An advice from El Principe is to not over use cruelty as the more that cruelty is repeated the more people begin to hate you and being hated is something that must be avoided. When Britannia tries to conquer Japan this will be when things get messy. After all is Lelouch even willing to bomb Japan considering it's Sakudarite, the Japanese population will unfortunately serve as meat shields for FLEIJA warheads.

Which is why Lelouch has to tread carefully in Russia, if he over uses the FLEIJA people will lose all sense of sanity and willingly charge to their own deaths as they believed themselves to be living on borrowed time. A desperate rat is dangerous and forcing someone or a nation into such a position must be avoided at all costs, a mistake that Britannia made. Besides that Lelouch taking in CC's code does make sense. The only instances of code transference were when the Code was willingly gifted or forced into the Geass user and when the Code was forcefully taken by the Geass user, of those two instances the former case was seen twice and the latter only once. The only time we see someone take a Code forcefully is when Charles took VV's without his will, that was made possible as the contract was made between them which created the bond necessary for Code transfer. To answer the question why Lelouch didn't take VV's code is primarily because they didn't have a bond that was created due to the contract. Lelouch got Charles code because Charles was willing to give the code to Lelouch and with it created the bond necessary for a Code transfer. Lelouch taking CC code is the only option as he didn't have a bond with VV and only CC, he also doesn't know how to restore CC's memory unlike Marianne who restored CC's memory in Canon.

Still i find that Lelouch's willingness to forgive CC to be dangerous. The worst type of enemy is a traitor and Lelouch's feeling for this imposter is dangerous. Many times have Lelouch's plan be annihilated because he cared for his loved ones and the result of those failures are in the blood of thousands, it's a glaring flaw yet it's what makes him human. Lelouch needs to stamp these out, he must only care when they have strength to live by themselves or are useful to Lelouch or when it's very clear that they will forever be outside of this conflict. CC's betrayal was admittedly expected in canon she has been relaying information to Charles when she talked to Marianne. There were scenes where she was talking to the air, most had missed it but when i rewatched the show i noticed it. The way she talked made it seem like she was talking to someone not to herself. It's clear that the only person that she could contact at that time was Marianne and with it Charles. This explains why CC was willing to give her code to Charles at the Geass director raid as she had been in contact with them. This is exactly why Lelouch should stay clear of CC, the CC that he knew is dead and should stay dead as bringing her back to live is not cost beneficial for Lelouch. All CC had were the abilities of the Code and knowledge that she had kept hidden, with those gone CC's value has diminished significantly. I'm going to say this but i'm also probably going to be burned at the stake for this but This is why the pairing between CC and Lelouch is bad. CC had betrayed Lelouch, sold him out to Charles through Marianne countless time, she didn't even tell her the truth which could have saved so many lives yet she didn't because she couldn't care. She's a long lived immortal and by that time her values had changed significantly that she is not even human which is why she wants to die so she could feel human for one last time. I don't hate CC but it's best for her to finally find peace in death, she already betrayed Lelouch and caused so many unnecessary suffering, her coming back to live for the possibility of pairing her with Lelouch won't end well especially since the price of that is thousands dying as had happened previously. Lelouch needs to kill CC so he could tie up loose ends, He is better off with Kallen as at least this Kallen was committed and loyal to Lelouch unlike the canon Kallen where she left Lelouch in Kamine island which resulted to a few months of mental slavery which includes brainwashing and mental mind rapes under Charles.
5/30 c50 2PoofyOhio
Well, that’s quite the pickle Lelouch has ended up in. If that hint with Kallen at the end is what I think it is.
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