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for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion

2/5 c27 Darth Lelouch
Thanks for the chapter.
2/5 c27 28Imperial-samaB
2/5 c27 xfel
Oh wow. Guess I have to re-read this some time, I don't really remember anything beyond chaos.
1/30 c24 dragongod of fanfiction
This by far the best code geass story I had every read, it's like I'm actually reading a official AU of code geass made by the creator.
1/25 c26 R.R. Blaze
when is the next chapter coming dammit
1/24 c26 Guest
It is a pity that you have abandoned this story, it is superior in every way to 99% of the fanfictions out there, you should take it up with pride.
1/20 c1 Guest
Are you alive
12/28/2020 c26 1hellion117
You can go back in time to try and make things right but times a bitch she never stays the same
11/24/2020 c1 logan45
I read your story by accident and I'm instantly hooked damnit
11/24/2020 c26 Hellwyrm
Man, you are just vicious in your treatment of CC. I hope the pay off is worth it, she's had it rough. I'm glad shes back, hopefully things will start turning around for Lelouch now that he isn't worrying about her. It remains to be seen though how shes holding up.

This was a fucking WILD ride to read, I'm thoroughly impressed, vicious treatment of the cast be damned. I wonder if there will be any intervention by the collective conscience. I would assume so since it seems that was what sent him back.

Something piqued my interest in one of the earlier chapters, Lake Kawaguchi specifically, who was Rena Russo, or RR? Is she an OC you've planted to give Kallen the chance at immortality like Lelouch once he takes his fathers/uncles code? Or was she someone else entirely? I hope its not a plot thread that got forgotten in your various unfortunate PC related accidents. It has/had the potential to go somewhere.

The fine mess Lelouch find himself in currently is very interesting. Butterfly effect is a bitch, and it has become a very cruel mistress indeed. Suzaku is way worse off than he was before mentally, a combination of believing Lelouch to be dead because of Zero and being scorned by Euphy. Fuck Schnizel for that by the way, I cannot wait to see him recieve his comeuppance. I feel that Lelouch will make it *very* unpleasant for Schnizel considering he has two existances full of rage bottled up against him.

How will Lelouch deal with his mother this time? What about Shirley when she reappears twisted to his parents/uncles whims? Will she be like Jeremiah was originally? Will Rolo make an appearance? What about the rest of the Ashford Council? Sayoko's reaction to Lelouch being Zero should be very interesting, and I can't help but be curious about the code that he spoke to her, looking forward to where you take that. I also can't help but wonder if Nunnally has become a time traveler with her death in the previous timeline and her opening her eyes once she regained conciousness after the Ashford bombing.

I'm curious how the pairings will end up, Kallen deserves some love, as well as Kaguya. They all deserve a happier end for the monumental shitshow that has kicked off.

You've opened up so many intriguing questions, and I cannot wait to see their answers unfold. Keep up the fantastic work, and stay safe during the shitshow that is our current reality.
11/8/2020 c26 Guest
Hey, if you are not interested in continuing this story can I borrow it?
11/6/2020 c22 Guest
WHEN IS CHAPTER 27 COMING!? I want to see the High Eunuchs and Tohdoh and his Holy Swords die. You said Chapter 26 was just a preview, well then where the real show. By the way, maybe you call failed conspiracy against Zero the Black Conspiracy and the current civil wars as the Second Chinese Civil War and the Black Civil War. Those names sound fitting, don’t you think so?
11/6/2020 c1 Guest
10/30/2020 c26 12Endless Feeling
This quite possibly is one of the best fanfictions I've read. It's surely sitting at the top ten.
10/30/2020 c22 Endless Feeling
"ELEVENS!" the Britannian on the other end shouted. "COME AND TAKE IT!"

That was so badass
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