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for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion

4/21/2015 c12 Republic
Here's a time travel story that is inspired by R2 Episode: 19 (the infamous Black Knights betrayal), Lost Colors (Rai is in this story) and the stories: The Past, Present, and Future (Kallen is killed), Kallen of the Recurrence (Kallen goes back in time), Ice and Fire (Kallen leads the rebellion as Zero not Lelouch) and Lelouch of the Retribution ("God" forces Lelouch to allow Kallen to take his place as Zero). What if Kallen upon hearing Lelouch say, "Kallen you have to live!" Rolo comes to save Lelouch (canon), but Kallen decides to protect Lelouch instead of walking away, however the traitors interpret this as a sign that Kallen is under Lelouch's Geass and is killed by them, but Rolo still manages to save Lelouch. Cannon still happens (including the Zero Requiem although more so out of Lelouch's grief for Kallen's death. Before Suzaku/Zero kills Lelouch; Lelouch in revenge for Kallen's murder has Kallen's murders put to death on international television). Kallen is sent to C's world and "God" has her watch the events of Lelouch's life; thus she is well aware of everything about the Zero Requiem and Schineziel's plans for world domination. Upon Lelouch's death he is sent to C's world were he meets a enraged Kallen (though not because of the traitors death; in fact she is genuinely glad they've been executed (including Ohgi). Kallen is angry because of the Zero Requiem). "God" offers Both Kallen and Lelouch a chance to go back in time to stop the Ragnarök Connection as well as fix the mistakes of the past. Both Kallen and Lelouch are given the power to restore the memories of the original timeline to anyone within their line of sight (Though Lelouch still retains his original Geass power). Because of Lelouch's tendency to screw up and for Zero Requiem; Kallen forces Lelouch to allow her to take the role of Zero, while he becomes Rai: Zero's second in command (this is accomplished by both Kallen and "God" ganging up on Lelouch). There are Three requests made to "God" (That "God" grants): Lelouch requests that Euphemia be allowed to come with both Kallen and Lelouch (Lelouch's request) if she agrees to join the revolution against Britannia (which Euphie does agree. Euphie in fact has been whaching over Lelouch (she requested this of "God" and is granted) since her death (she has forgiven him for the SAZ massacre) and jumps at the chance to help both Kallen and Lelouch in altering the timeline (Euphie is given the power to restore a persons memories as well at Lelouch's insistence). Kallen requests that her brother Naoto comes with them to change the timeline and is given the power to restore peoples memories ("God" agrees and brings Naoto up to speed). Also Kallen requests that she gain's Lelouch's Geass power (although it still has the exact same drawbacks as Lelouch's power). Naoto, Kallen and Lelouch return one week before the Shinjuku massacre (in this story Naoto dies two days before cannon starts) and Euphie (because of time travel) "awakens" four hours before she meets Suzaku in cannon. (Of note: the Zero Requiem, Shirley Fenette's father's death and the SAZ massacre never occur) Rai (from Lost Colors) makes his appearance and later becomes an integral part of the Black Knights and is permanently loyal to both Kallen and Lelouch (this is of his own free will NOT because of Geass or Lelouch's manipulations because Euphie, Kallen and Naoto stops him). both Kallen and Naoto stop their mother (in this story it's Nagisa Kōzuki) from taking Refrain and later she becomes part of Ashford Academy's housekeeping staff (after she recovers because of Lelouch Geassing a few doctors). Nagisa willingly joins the Black Knights after having her memories restored the first time Kallen comes into contact with her. (Of note: Lelouch, Kallen, Euphie, Nagisa and Naoto survive throughout the entire story). Jeremiah Gottwald memories are restored during the events of Shinjuku (this happens when the main characters corner Jeremiah at the train tracks) and promptly switch's sides (Jeremiah remains a good guy throughout the rest of the story.) Villetta Nu is killed when Lelouch steals her Knightmare in Shinjuku. Kewell Soresi takes Jeremiah's place in cannon (although he still dies exactly as in cannon) as the one to arrest and falsely accuse Suzaku and is disgraced by Kallen/Zero (Kewell from this point on; even after his death will be called Damnation). Suzaku Kururugi joins the Black Knights (his memories being restored as well) after the events of his trial. Lloyd Asplund and Cécile Croomy join the Black Knights (and their memories restored) after Euphie has both of them meet Lelouch discreetly at Ashford Academy. Lelouch restores Nunnally's memories the first chance he gets(because of Kallen). Of note: This story is called "Red Dawn." To anyone who reads my idea please comment on my idea. I wont have time to write this story because of own reasons so I ask that if you do like my story idea please feel free to use it, however if you do us my story; you WILL be restricted to the outline (as well as the story's title) that I have given so far or any other ideas I come up with in the future (although you have free reign with the Student Council; however Shirley Fenette MUST survive at all cost! and most defiantly not become Schineziel's pawn!)
4/14/2015 c12 Hount


4/11/2015 c12 Please update
This story is way cool and should be updated soon! also I have an idea for a time travel story; please tell me what you think of it: What if after Euphemia died in the SAZ massacre she was sent to C's World; from there "God" shows her both the Emperor Charles Ragnarök Connection Plan as well as the Zero Requiem (Cannon ending) and tasks her to both stop the Ragnarök Connection and the Zero Requiem. Because Euphemia is horrified at both what Lelouch will do (Zero Requiem) as well as her fathers plan (Ragnarök Connection) she agrees and goes back in time to when she first arrived in Area 11/Japan and joins both Lelouch and his Black Knights. Euphie later manages to convince Lelouch to tell Kallen (Later Ohgi and the others) his true identity so what happens in cannon doesn't happen again.
3/29/2015 c12 PrinceSheo
Awesome story. Please update soon!
3/25/2015 c12 Anime100
This is truly very interesting to read; please update this soon
3/23/2015 c12 1Hotako Tomoe
Ok, I.. Wow.. Ok, I thought this would be awesome but it turned out to blow my mind! You took a awesome show (Minus R2) and turn it into a something on the worthiness of Aldnoah Zero (Which I have the same love for that I do Code Geass). If I didn't know better I'd swear there are a few plot points taken from Aldnoah Zero in there, if so, thumbs up. Anyway, just felt the need to comment, Keep this up, maybe longer chapters? Update soon! I wanna see how that date goes and how far into the sanitarium they bury that total b_tch Cornelia that was unworthy of Lelouch's kindness in the original series.
3/23/2015 c12 Twad
Loose lips morphine is best morphine.

Im kinda sad Guilford is dead. He was (or at least, in my head) a stable influence on Cornelia and i liked the idea of him and her being a thing later on.

But lelouch seem quite a bit bloodthirsty. Doe she intend to kill her, or turn her? Killing her two trusted knights (wich pissed her off a ton) make me think he'll just kill her off.. unless he MegaGeas her to be loyal.

Anyways, good job so far as it is an enjoyable read.
3/17/2015 c12 6Aynessa
Words cannot express the amount of love I have for this amazing story.

It's just so *original*...so many cliched CG fanfics out there, especially the time-travel/rebellion redo concept, and you've flawlessly managed to do something new and different with it in every chapter, while keeping the characters completely accurate in personality. I just love the things that Lelouch has changed...especially taking care of Kallen's mother, referencing his own almost-encounter with Refrain. That was a beautiful scene. And I adore how he is always trying his hardest to win Suzaku over to his side, reaching out to the Knight of Zero he trusted in the end, over and over...and still not connecting, because Suzaku still isn't the person that he eventually became and is too mired in his own twisted ideals of redemption/punishment and justice. Such brilliance.

Little amused and surprised by other reviewers' interpretations of this story. I don't get the slash vibe at all. If anything, it seems like you're leaning towards a Lelouch/Kallen pairing. But I am excite to see where you go with this story regardless of what pairing you eventually decide on.

Really love Jeremiah and Villeta's character development. You made Villeta into a character I don't hate anymore; which is amazing to me. I'm very very curious to see how you deal with the Geass Order, and the Sword of Akasha, and where Lelouch will eventually take his plans since Zero Requiem failed spectacularly.

Desperately hope you update this soon!
3/17/2015 c8 Aynessa
*giggle* Now I'm wondering if the Black Knights debut video was recorded beforehand, or if CC had herself some laughs imitating Lelouch's frivolous arm gestures.

Well I am just in love with this story, you've made excellent and believable changes. Lelouch is not some amazing god of victory with his foreknowledge, he knows well that it is shaky at best if he makes too many changes, so he is only making small ones that slightly impact the timeline, ramping up to something big. I love that he got too caught up in the heat of things at Saitama, and in the end had to be rescued again despite the steps he took to achieve victory. Flawless storytelling.

I'm somewhat amused by your blatant R2 hate, haha. And OMG...I will forever see Heero Yuy when I look at Akito. It cannot be unseen.
3/17/2015 c5 Aynessa
This. THIS. Yes! I have searched for WEEKS to find a fanfic like this, with such amazingly accurate character portrayal; where Nunnally is not some simpering, idiotic background prop who periodically says "oniisama" imploringly, where CC isn't some mindless sex toy that barely contributes to the plot except to look sexy. THANK YOU.

You actually display Nunnally's intelligence and cunning, here. She purposefully plays up her innocent appearance, knowing that her beloved brother is upset, so that she can ease his tension. Then she knows clearly that he is lying, but pretends not to notice so Lelouch can keep his ideals of a naive, innocent sister. Excellently done. And CC...! Badgering and flustering him until he loses his temper, flawlessly needling him and getting under his skin as she always has-! Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

It's official. I love this story.
3/16/2015 c2 Aynessa
Holy crap this is beyond excellent. WHY have I never read this before?!

This is the only redo/time travel fic I've ever seen that actually portrays Lelouch accurately: his cunning, his capability to manipulate others, his simultaneous cruelty and kindness. This is flawless. His manipulation of Jeremiah was stunning.

I think I'm in love.
3/4/2015 c12 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
3/1/2015 c12 HikariNiwa
Liking this a lot.
2/28/2015 c12 16Doctor Snake Eater
Well... Suzaku getting shot was unexpected. I look forward to seeing how the story plays out.
2/26/2015 c12 iamjmph01
poor Lelouch, the man he is in love with is straight... while I usually loath slash i wont abandon the well written fic just cause they main character is gay. It looks like a case of unrequited love anyways.

That said, if Lelouch isn't gay you seriously need to reconsider his... relationship with Suzaku. Ohh well, its your story, write it as you see fit. It mostly bugs me cause i hate Suzaku, and slash. Unless its fem-slash.

Thanks for writing, and for sharing with us.
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