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for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion

1/27/2015 c11 JumpingToaster
Hmmm... A interesting and entertaining read. Still trying to figure out Zero's plans in regards to the necessity of eliminating Cornelia's closest subordinates though. Hope it proves to good.
1/19/2015 c11 Yankee718
Please update please! This story is great
1/19/2015 c2 Yankee718
What a way to restart the rebellion wow I just can't stop reading now
1/19/2015 c1 Yankee718
It's 3:15am Miami time I just read this story I'm just a few minutes and all I can say is this "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" man this story has definitely gotten my attention this is great
1/8/2015 c11 27Senyor Fier Mensheir
Is she truly broken? I doubt things would be that easy.
I look forward to the next update, whenever it shall be.
1/7/2015 c11 s.k.f.f.f
Simply brilliant!
12/29/2014 c11 1tf330129
good story keep it up
12/21/2014 c11 1BloodkingEclipse
an amazing story and a great new chapter i look forward to seeing more from you
12/16/2014 c11 The Dark Hunter II
The lelouch has no feeling for Cornelia? Killing the man she loved, so easily.
12/14/2014 c11 9CaptureGod-Otamegane
Hehe, your writing style really fills in the wholes cannon left.
12/14/2014 c2 CaptureGod-Otamegane
Way to go Lelouch with the mind hack on Jeremiah.
12/14/2014 c11 The Black Ranger
And not too risky to kill the knight of Cornelia? Right now she will go all out against the black knights. Continue the good work.
12/13/2014 c11 CircleOfDarkness
Can't wait for next chapter!
12/13/2014 c11 Guest
I dont like this Zero. He seems even more of a douchebag
12/12/2014 c11 invisivel
Suzaku was shot ?! Please it is in the heart or head.
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