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12/12/2014 c11 invisivel
Suzaku was shot ?! Please it is in the heart or head.
12/12/2014 c4 iamjmph01
well... i still hate suzaku... But that aside i have one thing id like to point out. Euphemia's death was not Zero's fault. I could be wrong, but i don't think C.C. ever told him what happened is possible. I don't think at any point did she sit down and tell him about his Gaess's limitations, or possible problems that may arise. So if anyone is to blame for Euphemia's death, it's C.C.

Now i realize that was Lelouch's thoughts on the matter, and his self hate was canon, but i don't think anyone has ever gone the c.c.'s fault route. Of course i could be entirely wrong, as i havent read the manga in a long time(or watched the anime)...

But anyways, it was really no ones "fault" unless someone somehow forced him to lose control like that...

Sorry i love the story. Im just not a big fan of angst. If he starts taking all the blame for the Black Knights becoming traitors on himself, i might have more issues, but ohh well. Sorry im rereading because of the update which is why this is so... late.
12/12/2014 c11 Guest
Fantastic writer, brilliant twists, terrific story. You've taken a rather cliche plot and turned it into something exquisite. Very enjoyable to read throughout and I've especially liked the differences that are integrated within, such as Nina having a crush on Kallen (would be fun to see where that'll lead to, I foresee some future humor perhaps?) and the deaths of Guilford and Darlton. Wonder how Cornelia would be like now.
12/12/2014 c11 1ConanxHaibara
Thanks for the new chapter. Though, I was wondering what you meant by "...killed her Lelouch..." during the section where Cornelia muse about her losing. Is there some latent feelings she had for him, using such a possessive term? Course if she were to find out about his identity now, she'll more likely to strangle him as opposed to hugging him... LOL!
12/12/2014 c11 8Satan Mekratrig

'Broken' is not the word for Cornelia right now. Shattered, smashed, torn apart and ground into dust, riven into thousands of tattered rags, that's what she is. First Darlton, now Guilford...you've completely destroyed her psyche. If she doesn't just collapse into complete catatonia, she's going to be consumed with the wish for revenge...I am very interested to see how her future battles with Lelouch go. Very, very interested.

Also, Lelouch is much more heartless than he was last time, but more sympathetic too. I'm confused. What is the reaction of the Black Knights and the others when they find out about the near-death of all those refugees?

Also, Suzaku's just been shot. He's not dead, right? I wish he is, because I hate his naivety and moronity just as much as C.C. does. Still, if he lives, will this reinforce his hatred of Zero? I mean, his whole 'the Britannians are honourable people in the main' gimmick...
12/12/2014 c11 29Silvereye-BW
Love it. I can't wait for more. Though I do have to ask; what is with Lelouch being so cruel to Cornelia? What is the pairing for Lelouch? And why didn't Lelouch save his friends so Nina would fall in love with him and not someone who would die and then prompt her to create that bomb?

Please update soon.
12/11/2014 c11 1TheScribeofLelouch
doesn't Lelouch have any shred of love left for Cornelia?
12/11/2014 c11 AstaRhei
To have been crushed so thoroughly... and in a single counterattack!
The ultimate heresy!
W-Who was that impostor?!
There is no way that the commander of the entire Britannian forces was defeated by some backwater scum!
It must have been her double! The real Nelly was at Darlton's(R.I.P. in pieces) funeral! Next chapter when the REAL Nelly is in charge Zero will finally meet his end.
12/11/2014 c11 FateBurn
Excellent chapter please continue soon, cant wait to see the aftermath of this operation and how it has effected everyone.
12/11/2014 c11 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! please update soon!
11/19/2014 c10 7Senju Sowdowwen
I hate too Suzaku
11/14/2014 c10 142 with an 8
From the beginning and to it's current end has been very interesting so far.
I do hope to see how this story runs it's course.
11/7/2014 c10 Dragon
Many thanks for the chapter. I am very anxious to see how the story will change from now on. Continue with the good work.
11/2/2014 c10 1The elusive shadow
I absolutely loved this story! It was the best one since Alora Gale's Dauntless. Can't believe I haven't come across it before. I'll try and list everything which made it so good but they were many.
The dialogue is very good, everyone is in character and even people who had minor roles or were destined to be defeated has given intelligent and meaningful speech so the reader actually cares about them. Brittannians, japanese and Black Knights all seem powerful and dangerous in their own right, which adds to the suspense. I even liked how you portrayed Marianne and the emperor, somehow the two of them are really hard to pull off but you managed (and in a way I have never come across before).

The different POV of events in the anime is actually good and desn't detracts from the story, only adds new angles and perspective.

I like the changes you have added in the story; like Lelouch letting Clovis' royal guard live and how he changed the battle at Saitama. Other things such as saving Kallen's mother and twisting Nina's crushto be focused on Kallen was stroke of genius; with them you have thrown in new factors in the game. Things are changing now beoynd our (and Lelouch's) ability to predict, which is making it very exciting.
Your changes have slowly changed people's thoughts and feelings, Villetta is slowly gaining symphaty for the japanese while Cornelia is driven by much stronger emotions than last time, making her a dangerous opponent.

The only thing I really lacked was the sense of unpredictability, the feeling that things can still go wrong and for Lelouch to be kidnapped or for someone to get in a lucky shot. Up till now Lelouch has known how to plan because of his knowledge of the future but I think that you need to up the game pretty soon for it to remain as interesting as it has been so far. The timeline is changing and so far Lelouch has been on top but if you add more opponents or let Cornelia really push him into a corner it would be really great.
You have done really great so far with taking this clichéed plot and made something new out of it. I'm sure you will be able to take the events from the manga, the chinese interference, VV and the arrival of the Knight of the Rounds and twist it into something unexpected.

The last thing I wanted to say is that I kind of missed Suzaku. I never did like his hypocrisy but he was such a huge part of the manga, kind of like the opposite to Lelouch and in that capacity I liked him. His presence grounded Euphemia and made her into a more realistic and human character and her presence made Suzaku's trust in the system much stronger. What I'm trying to say is that I wish they would get more space, mostly because I feel that those two together could develop into becoming Lelouch's greatest opponents.

Really looking forward to the next update. I didn't notice any grammar mistakes and don't know if you have or need a beta but if you do or just need someone to bounce ideas of I offer you my service.
Best of luck
11/2/2014 c10 1Jarjaxle
So...Lelouch used pretty damn good tactics and manipulation to disband JLF and get their surviving man to join BK...XD damn Katase Better not try anything...Lulu is 100 steps ahead him every way.

Liked the Chapter. keep up good work.
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