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for Phantom Thief Decimo

8/7 c17 Guest
I just adore this story and remember it very fondly.
6/5 c9 13tempest
It's too quiet here, so my attempts at trying to hold back my laughs have been noticed almost immediately. Lol. This is great. I love Hibari. And I love how you have been writing Tsuna so far, so no worries. (Even though this story was finished 5 years ago. :D)
5/1 c17 Guest
This was good, very fun
3/3 c17 omegazero2718
Also, Detective Inaba reference in the last chapter? That's the shit, for that anime fans ofc
1/13 c17 Guest
I really live the way you write your khr fics. I love reading them over. I hope you write more. And i dont know if you have a prefered pairing but i hope there could be a tsuharu; a 2786 multi chapter story authored by you. I would definitely read it...
I love haru here by the way...
I love the way you write...
11/24/2019 c17 9Rababaz
Nice story! I liked it :)
The only one I found a little bit OOC was Xanxus, but all the others were pretty fine (especially Tsuna XD. I loved him)
Nice job :3
8/14/2019 c17 Mernom
I liked this story very much. It was quite fun overall.
7/23/2019 c4 Moleluv
Haha lol. He wanted to be told he would basically be shit at being Decimo, and now the ranking says that hes the best candidate lol.
7/15/2019 c16 ChaoticInscriber
5/22/2019 c7 triviahypmic
omg is that a buster bros reference
4/29/2019 c5 doodlingbookworm
nana would be proud lol
4/29/2019 c3 doodlingbookworm
some things never change ahdgalajxi
4/29/2019 c2 doodlingbookworm
you got a storm coming tsuna
3/2/2019 c1 Zalewinds
When I heard ‘Phantom Thief’.. I thought, Kaitou Kid.. or Kaito Kuroba.. is there something wrong with me?
2/18/2019 c8 Just.Call.Me.Poison
it is 100% possible for someone to be completely useless, trust me.
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