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8/8/2023 c10 martyzebracrickt
oh the heck it has been yo-yo and and its been so long since you last updated. if you know whats good for you, its the honorable 40th anniversary of rareware: developers of such classics as banjo-kazooie, perfect dark, donkey kong country, jet force gemini, goldeneye and killer instinct. the stamper brothers: chris and tim the founders have twitter and instagram accounts. push their buttons. we want them to dump the roms and isos of unreleased prototypes like twelve tales conker 64, donkey kong racing, kameo elements of power and perfect dark zero for gamecube, donkey kong coconut crackers. fabled cancelled games like timber 64 and mickey mouse adventure as well as the fabled snes port of killer instinct 2 even project dream and nintendo spaceworld demos and the fabled sequel to donkey kong 64 for gamecube. the roms must be dumped. we all deserve to play them. and if possible we need hal labratory prototypes for n64 too. games like earthbound 64, kirby 64 kero, kirby's air ride, jack and the beanstalk, the rc adventure game pitch and many more. masahiro sakurai's got a youtube channel too. you can ask him and pray that footage be uploaded when he posts more videos. and may the schwartz be with you.
5/15/2022 c10 121Alfa Prime
e aí? Sai quando a próxima parte?
11/24/2021 c1 67Sofia2017 planning
keep me the Great Work
11/7/2020 c1 Guest
Thundercats are NOT at the heart of demons! Fuck you!
5/11/2019 c10 18frankannestein
This is amazing! Maybe it's because it's been a while since I last read a chapter of this, but this chapter seems to have picked up the pace. It just kept on rolling, with few or no sidetracks, and was really exciting because of that. By the way, have I mentioned before how much I love Snarf? "That was a cheap shot." LOL! I think my favorite part was the Kittens training with the Unicorn Keepers because it was just fun, although the whole jump-rope-vine-walking thing was pretty cool, too.

Poor Glomer just scares me. :( I'm furious with what Mumm-Ra has done to him. Somebody save him quick!

I can hope, right?

~ Anne
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