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11/20 c33 James Birdsong
Maybe the books are a trick. Maybe the multiple hoofwriting means changelings made the book under The queens order.
11/19 c34 James Birdsong
Beautiful story. Four things occur to me however. Firstly there's no reason Phil should not tell Sarah about Equestria and all that conveys including Twight Sparkle, Celestia, and him someday leaving. Secondly there's no reason Phil should not tell Sarah's mom that the boyfriend story Sarah pulled was always a ruse and, as previously suggested, Phil has a girlfriend already. Thirdly I am worried Sarah's dad will somehow ruin Phil's life. Lastly it occurs to me that Chrysalis had these books because Star Song became a changing, perhaps even the very first changling. Would this have occurred when Celestial was still just a filly perhaps or perhaps before even her own time?
11/18 c34 12ROCuevas
Just caught up. Amazing work.
7/25 c30 ROCuevas
Quite a good chapter.
7/18 c2 2Deadly Instinct
This a really good story, I like how Phil is still getting used to this, rather than accepting it instantly and acting as if this was usual, I really like this story!
7/17 c29 12ROCuevas
Quite a good three chapter update.
7/17 c28 ROCuevas
Well done.
7/17 c27 ROCuevas
Quite a good chapter.
7/17 c26 Guest
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but chapter 20 changed to chapter 19 (meaning there are 2 chapter 19's in chapters 19 and 20). If I remember correctly, chapter 20 was when Celestia met Phils relatives and got really drunk. Other than that, this new chapter got me shaking. Keep it up
7/16 c10 TellerHusky2000
That was sad chapter...PS
Keep it up!
7/15 c26 2DarkEnigma95
A great chapter and in my personal opinion, Ben is a massive arrogant cockhole (pardon my language), I feel so sorry for both Olivia and Sarah for having to put up with him. I hope Celestia does figure out the translation to help Phil get to Equestria.

Looking forward to the next installment.
7/12 c26 12ROCuevas
Quite intense this is getting.
6/29 c25 ROCuevas
Quite well done this was.
6/24 c24 Just a guest
Interesting. I really like where this is going. Keep up the amazing work!
6/22 c24 ROCuevas
Oh man this was quite good.
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