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7/25 c30 12ROCuevas
Quite a good chapter.
7/18 c2 1Deadly Instinct
This a really good story, I like how Phil is still getting used to this, rather than accepting it instantly and acting as if this was usual, I really like this story!
7/17 c29 12ROCuevas
Quite a good three chapter update.
7/17 c28 ROCuevas
Well done.
7/17 c27 ROCuevas
Quite a good chapter.
7/17 c26 Guest
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but chapter 20 changed to chapter 19 (meaning there are 2 chapter 19's in chapters 19 and 20). If I remember correctly, chapter 20 was when Celestia met Phils relatives and got really drunk. Other than that, this new chapter got me shaking. Keep it up
7/16 c10 TellerHusky2000
That was sad chapter...PS
Keep it up!
7/15 c26 2DarkEnigma95
A great chapter and in my personal opinion, Ben is a massive arrogant cockhole (pardon my language), I feel so sorry for both Olivia and Sarah for having to put up with him. I hope Celestia does figure out the translation to help Phil get to Equestria.

Looking forward to the next installment.
7/12 c26 12ROCuevas
Quite intense this is getting.
6/29 c25 ROCuevas
Quite well done this was.
6/24 c24 Just a guest
Interesting. I really like where this is going. Keep up the amazing work!
6/22 c24 ROCuevas
Oh man this was quite good.
6/20 c23 ROCuevas
Oh my Chrysalis is now here.
6/15 c22 ROCuevas
Quite amazing work.
6/11 c21 ROCuevas
Whoa... it's been a while since we last read from you. I would like to say welcome back. Keep up with your great story.
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