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for Safe and Sound

4/2/2018 c1 Guest
Loved it
8/31/2017 c1 Guest
I love the song Safe and Sound. I've listened to it at leat fifty times. And I am low-balling it. By far. Anyway, you're an incredible writer. You actually brought me to tears. That's something that NEVER happened. This was a great story. I look forward to reading more from you.
1/3/2017 c1 Guest
I'm crying right now. I don't know why you would write something like that. I'm bawling silently now as I am typing this. On another note, it was a good story.
10/18/2016 c1 12hinatalover12
I cried...good Job tho...*tears still falling*Waaaaaaaaaaa
8/18/2015 c1 JessTraNey
It was so good! I was listening to the song while reading and I cried for at least half an hour! Keep up the great work!
8/6/2014 c1 8Soccertail4
This is really good but really sad oh and I love this song! I bought it along with the Hunger Games... Still I'm like crying over this. Good job!
6/30/2014 c1 1Sacred Cat
Hello I'm from Fairy Tail Magazine,someone from the team chose your one shot to be in the first issue,could you please Pm it or email it to me at by today
5/27/2014 c1 Sidney
It's so sad! I was leggitally crying!
12/21/2013 c1 34lucyglitter11
okay i'm soooo sorry for reviewing this late! honestly there's so much to study I didn't even sit online since long! soo here's my review-

You are such an amazing writer. oh god you reminded me again about awesome you are by posting this! don't you dare think its nothing great! It's sooo beautiful Cessi-chan! I dont know where to start!

Ahh the start was soo peaceful and baam you added blood there and it totally gave me a feeling something is wrong :-!
Haha that's sooo true! He's so reckless and just cares for Lucy too much! Well that's Natsu for ya ;-) His reckless attitude makes him so lovable :-P
Oh god nooooooooo Natsu! What happened to him!? Why does he act so reckless!? Seriously he'll make Lucy cry like this! Haha Natsu is still the same X-P

Oh god no, I just cant see Natsu die hell I cant even imagine him die D': Why doesn't Loke come!? Arrrggghhh no Natsuuu! oh god I'm feeling so freaking emotional while reading that whole dying part ;-; You're such a good writer oh god!
Even in this emotional part you made me laugh when he apologized for giving her a cheese ball instead of a ring...okay why did he give her a cheese ball and moreover how...? X-D Ok I'm going off-track.
NOOOOOOO NATSU PLEASE DON'T DIE! I think it's so...emotional when Natsu said don't leave me cried because sometimes even the heroes cant always be strong...and that part when Lucy re-assured him that she wont...NATSU DON'T DIE :'(

Aww its so sweet she tried to keep his heart beat going by kissing him just like some fairy tale...but here it doesn't keep him alive...the end part was so dramatic and sweet when he called her weird and beautiful...GAAHH SO EMOTIONAL ;-;
It's a good thing you explained why Loke didn't show up...SCREW HIM! STUPID FELLOW! I know he did it to keep Lucy safe...but still! ;-; its so sad! D-X

you're such a wonderful writer...the story makes me feel so sad...but you've done such a great job! I love this story! Sometimes I like these angsty stories :-P I like every single detail in this story, that I cant even describe! Splendid job as usual! I'm so proud of you! :-D

Sorry again for the VERY late review! I hope it's okay! I love this song now...though I heard it just now...but anyway, YOU'RE AMAZING AND KEEP AMAZING ME! :-D
12/14/2013 c1 16Girl with Life Full of Anime
This is sad! How can you be so cruel! I'm crying my eyes out! Though it was nice beautiful it was sooo sad.
12/13/2013 c1 koroo hana
that was so sad and beautifully written really enjoyed it and made me want to cry i really like your way of discriping this amazing story good work

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