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for Make Believe (It's You)

4/6 c7 Guest
ive got chills
8/4/2014 c7 8Lover of gays
Love it :)
4/8/2014 c7 ViolinMaroon
I was wondering how would you wrap this perfect story, would you take a high way and do the ending same as the movie or would you make a better version of Klaine's own ending. Well, I must say that I'm so happy and satisfied with the ending :)

This fic is so perfect, and I'll tell you what? This is going to be my weekends Klaine-fic on repeat. It means I'll read it again, and again, and again. Thank you for this amazing journey-I love it! ;)
4/8/2014 c6 ViolinMaroon
*sniffs* I hate these parts of the story-goodbye is never pleasant :'(

I thought the part when Eli visited the penthouse would be so much worse than the movie itself. I thought he would really rape Kurt or something. Well, it could have been worse :')

Though I don't like this chapter doesn't mean this chapter is bad because this chapter IS good :'D

Only one chapter to go. Now I feel sad :((
4/8/2014 c5 ViolinMaroon
Omg! Ohmygod! .GOD!

I thought this chapter would be about Eli 'pays a visit' to the penthouse. God, I forgot about the flight to San Francisco :O

*dreamy sighs* This chapter is so beautiful-so very beautiful! I love it! **
4/8/2014 c4 ViolinMaroon
You know what? Sometimes I got slip and thought that it was Ricard Gere and Julia Robert instead of Klaine xD

Wow, the fight scene is one of my fav scenes in Pretty Woman, which you've written it perfectly in this fic-thank you! :D

Oh I just wish it's Sebastian instead of Eli. C who plays as Blaine's lawyer here :))

Anyway, next chapter will be pretty intense, I believe ;)
4/8/2014 c3 ViolinMaroon
This chapter is SO PERRRF-FECT! PERFECT!

I even read it a couple of times. Gosh, I love this fic! :))
4/7/2014 c2 ViolinMaroon
I love this story more and more with every sentence I read. This is so amazing, ohmygod! *-*

And the sex scene at the end of this chapter is so heart-wreckingly beautiful :'D
4/7/2014 c1 ViolinMaroon
Oh God, I love this! *-*

Pretty Woman is one of my favorite movies-and you combined it with Klaine-just perfect!
4/4/2014 c7 jarmulkabambulka
It was amazingly beautiful. Thank for sharing. Kisses J
12/31/2013 c7 WhatKatyDidNext
Absolutely loved this story, thanks for writing it! :-D
12/28/2013 c7 4LvSammy
OMG...THIS WAS AMAZING! Thank you so much for this. Pretty woman is one of my favorite films and this was just off the HOOK! Thank you so much for this. AWESOME! I LOVED IT!
12/26/2013 c4 1gleefan
This is positively delightful.
Why do I have the overwhelming urge to watch "Pretty Woman" right now? :-)
12/26/2013 c7 Gildedcagesaregilded
Such a good story!
12/25/2013 c7 Lydia
Liked this ending so much better than the original.
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