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7/29/2018 c12 7Formerly known as J
So I was having a bit of a bad weekend, feeling overwhelmed, lonesome and just downright blue, so I thought I'd indulge myself with some FanFiction comfort reading. And then I thought, where better to start than UTK? It's always been one of my faves, and I haven't read that in ages!

Next thing I know, I'm having a binge-read, start to finish, and just letting myself be swept up happily in the love and tenderness that infuses every word of this gorgeous story. I just revelled in its sweetness, its hotness and its all-round Anne goodness. The writing is superlative, that I remember. The hotness goes without saying: I adore that, too. But it's the amazing cohesiveness of this story, the characterisations, the way this story builds so beautifully - you just know these characters are Maud's, and I lapped them all up to the very last drop (maybe a strange metaphor, but YOU know what I mean, kwaks) - and the joy.

All the characters are just insanely Maud's, from Mrs Lynde and Marilla early on to Diana and Phil pre-wedding, how I ADORED this. And then, THEN...Anne and Gilbert at the House of Dreams, my god, it was freaking perfection! They're ADORABLE. And hot, all at the same time. Anne is so wonderfully our beautiful Anne - who can blame Gilbert for loving her so hard? And Gilbert, that boy's patience is surpassed only by his gift for discovering trees (and goldmines!) while quietly creating Anne's dreams. This Anne and Gilbert are true equals, it's a meeting of two individuals who love and respect each other so much it's palpable. I just fell in love with them both all over again. :)

I was overcome with how joyful this story really is, and (not for the first time) I found myself wondering how this can be a fanfiction story? Surely this is the work of a professional, a story like this must be published somewhere, right? It's so good, the writing so polished, the details so lovely, the love and understanding of Anne and Gilbert in particular so perfectly portrayed that I'm still breathless with admiration.

Wow, am I glad I thought to re-read your beautiful story, I can't tell you how much it's turned around my sad outlook. Like I said, I haven't read this in a while, but good grief, kwak, how can any of us thank you enough for such a magical story? It's simply wonderful. As always, I bow down to the master and stand back in awe at your writing talent. Thank you doesn't really seem to cover it. Hot, sweet and perfect.
7/27/2018 c12 5CheerfulB
Well, I have died.

Seriously. Totally dead from this, it was so sweet and hot and I loved it so much.
5/7/2018 c12 wow
wow that was gorgeous. The way Gilbert describes Anne and how much he loves her brings a tear to my eye almost. The idea of flowers just sprouting wherever she goes, just lovely. :) Love the mention of how much Anne longs to be a mother. It's so sad when she loses little Joy.
5/7/2018 c11 wow
discovering goldmines indeed! *fans self*
5/2/2018 c12 NovemberRainbow
This was soooo good and beautiful! Such an incandescent (!) story, I wished there was a cold pool nearby to cool off after reading and re-reading and re-reading... Their exploring each other had me stiffle moans and squealing. What is it with you authors and fruit here on FF? When I think of Gil I think of apples and now you've made cherries forever linked to Anne for me...This was a joy to read!
3/12/2018 c12 anonymous1775
I enjoyed this story immensely! Beautifully written, and such a lovely way to conclude.
11/10/2017 c1 3xXIchaIchaParadiseXx
I can't stop smiling and squealing in happiness.
10/24/2017 c12 Guest
This is one of my all time favourite stories on here.
Have you ever considered continuing with your take on Anne’s house of dreams?
Please please please
10/15/2017 c12 Dennis
There are some tales one never tires of reading and rereading! You have one here... Thank you!
9/25/2017 c12 Dennis
Best of the Best!
9/9/2017 c10 Dennis
After reading "several" times, I think this is quite good. Please give us more...
9/6/2017 c12 Dennis Merrell
FINALLY! Somebody got to it with this lovely couple and it was done oh so well!
8/29/2017 c12 39oz diva
What a wonderful story. Wouldn't living in that polite and restrained society drive you crazy. Thank god we don't have to wait 3 years to consummate our relationships now. Of course it does make the inevitable passion even more incredible though. Thank you for filling in the gaps. Maud was as delicate in this matter as she had to be, but I feel you bought us up to speed in a modern way.
8/21/2017 c5 Guest
Haha the fruit salad comments cracked me up!
6/26/2017 c12 Guest
This was great - you really kept to the characters, and the spirit of the original. Well done!
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