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for PS If this is Ziva

8/1/2019 c8 Guest
This chapter you refer to a "twin bed" , yet chapter one says tony's new "king size bed"
Enjoyable story though
5/18/2016 c11 3SlashyMcGee
I sure hope that you plan on updating this sometime soon. I absolutely loved it so far.
6/25/2014 c11 7Eagle Hawke
Who's Chip Sterling?
5/26/2014 c11 Beaj
I'm happy you're back! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
5/26/2014 c11 14beatrix.acs
OK, my Mossad theory is buried, maybe I watch too much TV shows... :D I have never suspected it might be him! Good idea with this, to bring out some old enemy! Very smart. As for the chapter - wonderful one, those two are so happy in love that my heart sings with joy! Thanks for it and can't wait for the other ones. :) And by the way - hope your granddaughter is fine already, it seems that it's still returning to her. Damn ear infections and poor little baby...
5/25/2014 c11 Athenalarissa
I thought only one was the man who wanted to destroy TIVA completely... And this man was Ray... I must say that I'am a little disappointed that it isn't Ray... It would havbeen more interesting,but hey this your story...
I can't wait for the next update..
5/25/2014 c11 17DS2010
great engagement, I love the ring.
damn chipper is out to cause trouble. maybe tony and ziva will shoot him
5/25/2014 c11 27Agent Gibbs
Definitely not who I expected. Very nice plot twist, though.
5/25/2014 c11 clestaffordt
Liked it! More pls. Thx.
5/25/2014 c11 6AgentLunaA
Oh my! Why this crazy dude!
He's going after Abby too!
Are you trying to kill me or what? :)
Well, hope your baby be OK!
And welcome back!
5/25/2014 c11 1EowynGoldberry
Hope the bad guy doesn't get away with anything...
4/25/2014 c10 16emeralddragonjewel
can't wait to read more and see what happens next with our favorite couple
4/25/2014 c10 Sue Dooley
That is my favorite song when sung by Elvis. Another great chapter and loved the first date especially the proposal. Beautiful! The cliffhanger was a great touch. All I can say is thank you and keep writing. Fantastic!
4/24/2014 c10 7Eagle Hawke
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOO! Who's they guy in black, why does he hate Tiva?!
4/23/2014 c10 J09tiva
Who's this antagonist? I thought all of them who were hunting for ziva before were dead?

Do update soon
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