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for Alejandro's Christmas Carol

12/26/2014 c1 10JojiMC
Excellent one-shot! My favorite part of this was definitely the dialogue, it was perfect. And you sure do write a killer portrayal of Duncan. But all the characters were great! There were a lot of funny parts too that fit the story well. I'm impressed. :-)
10/12/2014 c1 cookie
dis reemindz mi ov dat micke mouhse episote wit da meen duk nd den hee gits visitedd bye ghohsts!
7/18/2014 c1 10Jakalofnight
Wow, I'm impressed, for all I've talked to you on the forum I never pictured you moving me, well TIAW, you moved me. I would love to see this side of your writing more.
4/25/2014 c1 WIWAP
This... was...

Adorable! The ending actually made me "aw" at the end! You are an amazing author TIAW.
4/25/2014 c1 31JShark419
This was good dude and Merry late Xmas.
4/23/2014 c1 18I Am TIAW
Da f man u r so meen to da guy whos like a color
3/5/2014 c1 10LittleMissyGalPal
This is probably the first Total Drama christmas related fic I've ever read, and I've got to say I enjoyed it. This was incredibly funny and sad at some parts, and I even got goosebumps when Mal revealed himself. The parts with Chris laughing at Alejandro's life and him realising that Heather died 10 years ago from breast cancer were the funniest and I just couldn't stop laughing. The ending was sweet and I loved every bit of it. I'm definitely adding it to my favourites list!
1/5/2014 c1 47TheQueenofBooks1000
Whoa...that was actually kind of sweet. I loved it. :)

The ending was great, and I loved all the ghosts, though my favorite would have to be... *dramatic pause* ...the Ghost of Fruits! XD

This is hilarious, cute, and well-written. Good job. :D
12/15/2013 c1 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
That is an awesome story. I liked how you captured Courtney's impatiencem Owen's... Owen-ness and Mal's vindictiveness in this. In the presents scene I was expecting Chris to be miserabe or full of regret, but apparently he wasn't. At least Courtney brought him back to the volcano, where he was more passionate and was thus able to solidify his relationship with Heather. :) Good ending!

I laughed when Zeke fell into the volcano.
12/15/2013 c1 13Miss.KooKies
This is the best AleHeather story I love the confusion with ghost and the past and present this story is just awesome!
12/14/2013 c1 220Jesus.Lives
Duncannnnnnnnnn! Noooooooooo!
It was a serious take on it. But I liked all the people. chosen. And Owen is always a classic. ;)
12/14/2013 c1 55Torie Rilistkrytcat
Eeeee! This was so awesome! A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite stories EVER, and adding Aleheather and Mal to it is just pure awesome! Thank you so much, this was really well written as well :) I LOVE it!

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