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7/20 c8 codywhite162
This is such an excellent story. It is a bit sad that it hasn't been updated since 2014. I truly hope you come back to it someday as I'd love to find out what happens next.
1/27 c5 Gilgamesh50
Yeahhhh nooo
He wont be a devil right?
4/15/2022 c8 BaconianSS
Any continuation of this or is this officially dropped?
3/12/2022 c1 kurama Baryon mode
can u continue this
1/20/2022 c8 Judei4114
Necesito una continuación, por favor
Lo imploro
10/4/2021 c8 Kelvin Wong Jun Sheng
It's a very good story. Please keep it up.
3/4/2021 c4 Amjscientist
"I shouldn't have let him finish that sentence." like it was really hard for him to stop kokabiel from saying that.
Anyway, lots of show off and lots of cannon following, but it was overall okay.
11/4/2020 c8 26MonkHerrick
I feel kind of bad for Naruto being manipulated by Akeno like that! She need to get a grip on reality and realize that’s she’s obsessed with naruto not in love with him.
7/17/2020 c8 brachiosaurus
sucks that this seems abandoned. but this is also somewhat of an ending, where the readers can do their own interpretation and take of it. i just hoped that you would update the AoT and a Father's Love. in hindsight, a Father's Love is somewhat cheesy, but it is a feel-good type story that you cant get enough of. hopefully you'll work on them again
7/9/2020 c8 Guest
Wait... shouldn't he be kicked out of the church?
6/6/2020 c6 Guest
That is true, with the waking up to the hot naked girl scene.
5/19/2020 c8 IStillLazy
Well ya said we should check out any Story and help it, so I'm gonna do just that by helping you. My advice is: Continue this Story. No matter what.
10/25/2019 c5 Sypho Dias
Well she didn't tell him that she was a devil either so I think she's being a bit unfair there...
10/22/2019 c8 Sly-carrots
Pretty cool story
7/7/2019 c8 Amargi'sNodachi
Good storyline
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