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10/18 c39 99The Light's Refrain
Huh, so Kari’s going to side with the Saints? I didn’t expect that. Makes sense under the circumstances though- she’s more interested in bringing Shinya back than her own preservation. I wonder what Takuya will make of all this. Ryo must certainly find this interesting.

Btw, were you planning to do this in first person? There are a few random “me” among all the “she”, just enough to be distracting.
10/8 c38 James Birdsong
Lovely story in my opinion
9/23 c38 The Light's Refrain
It’s cool to see more of an outsider’s POV on what’s been happening. Well, they’re not total outsiders, but it’s rnough to give them a different perspective as they try to figure things out.

Willis has worked with them some before, good to know.

Doggymon is back? I thought he died...he doesn’t sound all there though, so maybe the virus revived him? And now Sora’s dad has his own Digimon partner, how interesting. Inevitable, considering the story setup, but still interesting.
9/16 c37 The Light's Refrain
Interesting. Looks like Sora straight up hypnotized/brainwashed Yutaka somehow. (Probably by virus, considering she specifically jammed some feathers under the Holy Ring) Which makes me think Yutaka will be in immediate high danger if he ever loses that bracelet...The guys who touched the feathers and got burned might also be infected now.

JP meanwhile seems to be at a halfway point. Which is probably why he could remove the feathers.

Side note: You’re using pronouns instead of names a little too much here, it makes it a little hard to follow who’s doing what at times.
8/7 c36 The Light's Refrain
Interesting, Takuya gaining powers before the virus has killed and reformatted? Or maybe he died and became a Saint without even knowing it...I could see Takuya being that dense lol

That charred clump though...I have a bad feeling about this...especially considering the Doggymon died in the rubble.

Between Takuya and Kari, something tells me Ryo’sgonna regret stopping by...or maybe he’ll find it all amusing, we’ll see.
6/28 c35 The Light's Refrain
First off, the previous chapter adjustment is canon-approved :)

A lot of stuff covered here. So the “final bosses” are made of things discarded from/can’t be processed by the Digital World? Am I understanding that correctly? Though it sounds like they’re still used to benefit the world as much as possible. Have to give the humans something to fight right?

So Shibumi leaves his fate up to chance, huh? Makes sense, considering how obsessed he is with the Digital World, and Gennai’s influence. He must have taken the rings off when others weren’t looking lol

Good explanation of ENIAC’s motives. It doesn’t see right and wrong, only beneficial and detrimental. Logic divorced from emotion, but logic divorced from emotion usually isn’t real logic. Logic and emotion are two side of the same coin.

“Look at me, startling two ghosts.” lol

Acolytes huh? Is that the term for those who can’t quite become Saints?

The way Ryo says the last line makes me wonder if he considers himself a ghost of sorts, loving change but unable to really change himself, at least not anymore?

So Shibumi
6/26 c34 The Light's Refrain
A lot of interesting implications here. So other worlds may be involved/impacted as well, hmm, and those might be what are allowing the ghosts to exist. And Digimon might be from elsewhere? Also interesting, especially considering ENIAC. Seems Matt and Gabumon might be a bit split as well, which could also be true for other Saints.
Looking forward to where this is going.
6/21 c33 The Light's Refrain
Ooo, very interesting. Here we see how Sora’s crest has been corrupted- she loves so much that she won’t let Tommy grow, and disregards other emotions. She even has a certain respect for hate, because it’s the flip side of love.

Tommy himself seems literally split up about Yutaka. Some part of him seems to recognize him, but other parts disregard him. TK meanwhile is just along for the ride.

Poor Yutaka though. He’s been through a lot, and Iinagine there’s only more to come.
3/29 c32 The Light's Refrain
Very interesting. We get a nice deep look at how Zoe’s transformation into a Saint has affected her mentally, creating a duality that she doesn’t know what to think of. Interesting to see that she’s decided to help and side with Koichi as well. Those two could do a lot of chaos together. Zoe saying that Ryo lost the battle with himself a long time ago is probably very accurate.
3/15 c31 The Light's Refrain
Looks like as I went a little into the future, you went into the past lol. A lot of good info here: we now know that there are a few extra anti-virus items, at that Takuya and the Doggymon have two of them. There also seems to be further miscommunication going on on the Tamers side: Davis said that they were going to send Willis in peace, yet Willis considers them a threat and orders a hunt on them later?

I wonder why the Doggymon isn’t speaking now. I also wonder what’s invaded their home. It could be any number of things.
3/7 c30 The Light's Refrain
A nice little recap to keep everything straight, as well as a quick glance into Ryo’s thoughts.

He’s keeping Willis around for a purpose, huh? Which might also apply to Koichi, to a lesser extent.

Makes sense that he wants to find a way around the Holy Rings, since they keep people from changing. Even though he’s keeping his meddling to a minimum and wants people to choose for themselves, perhaps he sees the rings as refusing to even consider change?
10/23/2016 c29 The Light's Refrain
Hmm...yep, quite a bit ahead. It's nice having some of these POVs gathered in the same place now (or in the future) since...well, the crew's slightly less split up now :P. LOL to Tai and Sora. Poor Tommy must be so confused - and scared, considering Tai tired to fry him for fun. Bad Tai. That part was a little hard to understand since it was so vague at first though. I thought you were talking about Ryo at first.

I like the vagueness of the ending though. A new fight, huh? I wonder who's fighting...guess we'll find out when we get to that point :P
10/23/2016 c29 110th Squad 3rd Seat
Ryo doesn't like talking about it. So I guess he wanted Zoe out of there.

Tai is awesome!
2/6/2016 c28 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Soo they want to catch Ryo. I'd love to see what he will do.
2/6/2016 c28 99The Light's Refrain
Nice use of the prompt - I especially like how they KNOW it's wrong to some extent, but right now it's the only thing they have, so they grudgingly accept that they need to find and use Ryo in some way. Looks like Hypnos and the other group of adults are being pushed together as well.

Btw small error: Kari wasn't the only survivor. Davis survived as well, thanks to the spire shard necklace he inherited from Ken. Then again, maybe he's not being counted b/c he never got symptoms.

As a side note, it's funny seeing Ryo being called a "queen carrier". Wonder what he would think of that wording :P.
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