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12/7/2021 c35 Guest
She should of ended up with Luna another forced to marry some stupid isoit boy that has t even been in the story she talked about hating arrange and forced marriages then willingly accepted one her self the story was really good until that stupid ending in chapter 35 you ruined an amazing story she should of ended up with luna they where good toghther
12/8/2021 c35 Unbeatable56
I have really enjoyed the book so far I can’t wait for you to continue updating it and I hope that you can start soon and and for updates to become regular
11/23/2021 c35 Dendule95
Plllllease update
11/19/2021 c4 Bronze
Poor Remus, to answer your question in the simplest of terms, MAGIC! It's not logical as if it was, it would obey to Laws of Physics as we know and understand them. Yet it doesn't. According to physics it's impossible for there to be more space inside an object then the size of the object allows for. Magic makes a mockery of that. Hermione's beaded bag. Mad-Eye's Trunk. Even Harry's invisibility cloak. Flying brooms even. My money's on something either all three of them did or just Sirius and Lily.
11/19/2021 c3 Bronze
Maybe to others it's confusing but to me it's obvious. Both Sirius and Lily wanted it to fail at some point and Harry to revert to Alya. So, it's likely that Lily worked with Sirius to modify the ritual together. Though why they did the ritual in the first place I'm as much in the dark as everybody else. Or maybe Magic just decided this was the best way to help Harry escape the torturous life that Good Ole Fumblemort placed him in. Now wearing the Black Head of House Ring, even if Good Ole Fumblemort should learn the truth, he'd be unable to act against her. At least openly that is. Covertly? Oh you can bet your ass he'd do it! He has his plans for the magical world and nothing's gonna get in his way! But with the aid of Walburga, if he tries, he'll wish Vulturewurst got to him first. Walburga might be able to suggest books from the Black Family Library to help her granddaughter win. As it stands now, Good Ole Fumblemort and his Disorder of the Flaming Pigeon are running around looking for someone who no longer exists.
11/19/2021 c2 Bronze
I'm not sure I'd call this a gender switch but more of a return to her true gender. I'm hoping there'll be an explanation as to why she was male and known as Harry James Potter in one or more of the following chapters. But I can't see her revealing herself as being Harry Potter to any of her old friends. That would just let Good Ole Fumblemort know where she now is as well as her gender change. That old fraud just can't be trusted as he has proven time and time again. He usurped that position of Magical Guardian from Sirius and allowed him to be help in Azkaban for twelve years without a trial. He placed Harry in an abusive home and never checked up on him for the next fourteen years. How Madam Pomfrey managed to miss all the evidence of the abuse Harry suffered beggers belief! Unless she was ordered or told to ignore it or was told the Good Ole Fumblemort would take care of it. And knowing just how much of a control freak Good Ole Fumblemort is, I wouldn't put it past him to do that sort of thing. GOD, Merlin, Morgana and Buddha forbid he should let the public know that Harry Potter savior of the wizarding world was abused in the home he himself put Harry in as a 15 month old baby! So ya, don't tell anybody as it'll only get back to Good Ole Fumblemort and that bodes ill for Alya.
11/2/2021 c1 Bronze
The biggest block standing in her way is none other then Good Ole fumblemort himself. He has a prophecy he wants fulfilled regardless of who dies! Just as long as that person or persons isn't himself. I really don't know his plans for both the wizarding and mundane worlds but I'm entirely sure he has them. I'm also entirely sure they don't include one Harry James Potter surviving the upcoming war with Vulturewurst. Yes, it'll be quite sad that the Potter line will end but it's for the greater good after all. At this point in the story I'm not sure if the Potters are truly dead or simply in hiding with the real Harry Potter intending to come out of hiding once the phony one has dealt with the Dark Lord and very likely died. I know I read that plot somewhere but don't remember where. Sort of along the lines of Who Dares Wins where his parents went into hiding at Fumblemorts insistance leaving baby Harry behind because Fumblemort told them too many people knew Harry'd survived. He did pretty much the same thing to Neville except his parents were never in St. Mongo's, just look a likes being kept in that state till Good Ole Fumblemort gave the ok to come out of hiding. To say Harry was not amused would be putting it mildly! And just like this one, it all comes down to Good Ole Fumblemort having his own plans for everything before, during and after the war with Vulturewurst.
10/21/2021 c1 Guest
Why is every charactor either talking to themselves or annoucing their actions to nobody.
10/21/2021 c2 Guest
Please update soon! I have read and reread this stormy so many times and I want to see what happens next!
10/16/2021 c35 lovelylexi.3483
Story needs a update
9/24/2021 c17 XenoDragonQueen
I think she should have both luna and tonks.
9/15/2021 c35 2LilyPotterIsAGoddess
I. Need. More. Like. Immediately.
This is awesome to read hope there's more.
9/14/2021 c35 Sparkling Ratemis
Great story. The a bit OP-Harry is quite nicely matched with the story. I like the backflash for the explanation of her powers, even though I'm not sure if I followed it correctly. Might need to reread that part, when you continue this story (please do). I love your Luna and the dynamic of H/Hr/Ll. Tonks is also pretty well written. Unfortunately the abduction was solved to quickly for me. I would have enjoyed that to be dragged out some more. Alya not beeing a pure light witch could have been used to have her grow/suffer from the situation. Would have helped to create some more suspense. Even though I read the story for the fluff, I think it could overcome that and grow to be even better.

The writing is pretty good, there a some spelling misrakes. Maybe your word-processor has some mistakes in the dictionary.

Anyway, thank you for creating this great fic!
8/15/2021 c25 18Loveless Demon
I really love this Luna.
7/14/2021 c35 jissymilissy
how did she agree so easily?!
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