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for Max's 45 future goals

8/8/2015 c1 77QUEENSPELLER67
Goal number 1: Max, you have to wait for puberty, silly boy!
Goal number 2: It's okay to be a little scared, Max. Becoming stronger would require lifting weights. Becoming independent isn't easy.
Goal number 3: Max, lots of people have smelly feet. Even guys!
Goal number 4: Max, you need to go to the gym to do that.
Goal number 5: Max, you might give yourself an eye strain or headaches.
Goal number 6: Max, stoicism doesn't really suit you.
Goal number 7: Well, that shouldn't be hard as long as there aren't more girls like Vivi Winstrate.
Goal number 8: Max, brawn isn't everything and some people love you because you're a smart fellow.
Goal number 9: Max, you're too sweet to be anti social!
Goal number 10: Don't try to learn about the opposite sex right away, Max. We women are very complex.
Goal number 11: May is only protective because she cares!
Goal number 12: I can't help you in that department, Max.
Goal number 13: That one might be a little more challenging, Max.
Goal number 14: I don't think that that's going to happen unless Brock gets married.
Goal number 15: My recommendation is to start with the blunt ones. If you wish to start with knives, you can get training knives that are made out of a special plastic, I think. I don't know. I just know how to disarm someone with a knife.
Goal number 16: Cartoons. If you don't want to be recognized for your genius personality, at least show some interest in cartoons.
Goal number 17: Just because you dress the way you do doesn't make you a nerd, Max.
Goal number 18: Well, I don't know what you mean by that.
Goal number 19: Hopefully you only mean Sola, right Max?
Goal number 20: Yeah, that would be a bad thing.
Goal number 21: That would be a good thing.
Goal number 22: That would also be good. If you don't repeat your mistakes, that is.
Goal number 23: There you go, Max. Optimism.
Goal number 24: There's Sinnoh. Unova, too. Johto.
Goal number 25: Yeah, you really should.
Goal number 26: She might not do that.
Goal number 27: Procrastination is somethign that happens to all of us.
Goal number 28: Don't die it too light blue, if you do because it might get you mistaken as a member of Team Aqua.
Goal number 29: I don't know what you mean by that.
Goal number 30: That's a hard habit to break, Max. Good luck.
Goal number 31: Max, leave THAT kind of stuff to your mother or father.
Goal number 32: Wanna know how to prevent a fall in a pit trap altogether? Look down!
Goal number 33: Don't shave when there's no hair. You'll get cut and if you're not careful, you could bleed to death.
Goal number 34: Anger management books can make some people angrier.
Goal number 35: Max, some people already think you're a walking Pokédex.
Goal number 36: Yeah, that would be a good thing if you didn't do that. Dang, Max, you've got some interesting goals. How many did he actually accomplish, though?
It was quite interesting.
9/30/2014 c1 6Make FFN Sensible Again
3. News flash: May is actualy a dude. Of course she has smelly feet.
5. Eat more carrots.
14. Not going to happen. Just let him be.

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