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for My Dearest Daisy

4/19/2020 c1 HGRHfan35
I must admit, I skipped this one-shot previous. Until I finally saw the episode with Jamie Lee Hogg (Jonathan Frakes) lovin' on Daisy. A Hogg & a Duke.
I thought it was cute!
I also laughed as Frakes played Stanley HAZARD in North & South.
A HAZARD comes to Hazzard.
2/18/2014 c1 20civilwarrose
Ooh, I love this! Jamie's letter is so eloquent. It's sad really, so much intelligence and he wasted it by his involvement in crime. I usually prefer Daisy with Enos but if you expanded this into an AU where she gives Jamie a chance, or a connected story, that would be interesting.
12/18/2013 c1 bonanza4life
I was shocked to see the letter was from Jamie Lee. Can't wait to see if Daisy meets him?
12/17/2013 c1 3Enos'sGal
I enjoyed hearing Daisy's thoughts on the letter and always felt that Jamie was remorseful about what happened. This would be a great start for a longer story, too. It would be interesting to see how the families would respond to Daisy giving him another chance.
12/16/2013 c1 8WENN9366
Cool idea for a fanfic!
Nice to think that at least one of the criminals Daisy dated remembered her afterwards :) I do think Jaime really fell for her...but I gotta stand by choice of Hughie if she had to go with a Hogg. Lol

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