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5/8/2017 c1 Long Live BRUCAS
O Steve
Good you have such a caring friend.
7/11/2016 c1 Guest
What are best friends for - to make sure you're okay and to make you laugh. Job well done.
7/2/2015 c1 joyfuljaj
just found this. very cute. if only we could see Steve's face when he learned he would get two casts!
6/10/2015 c1 Skimball4
What a funny story! My favorite part was when Steve told Danny that he hoped that he'd choke. I totally snorted to myself. Nice job!
5/30/2015 c1 Guest
Danny, Steve, and Grace on holiday and the boys taking a break from 5-0 business. But, it looks like 5-0 would have been a relaxing time compared to skating.

It's got to hurt being in a cast, but it was funny Danny and the hospital staff getting a laugh from it was too good! Steve is such an action man, alpha male and all, and seeing him after one afternoon of skating with Grace was just too much!

Even though they laugh, I'm sure Danny and Grace will take good care of him and get him back to jumping from building to building again in no time! (Just not a skating rink next time).
10/1/2014 c1 21ShakespeareIsMyMuse
Hahaha, Danny's right it is funny. We seen Steve jump off of a roof and out a window without breaking a bone, it's hysterical to see that it took something as simple as an ice rink to bring him down. He probably would have faired better rocking climbing up the side of a volcano.
12/22/2013 c1 14Rainey
Poor Steve, winding up with two casted wrists, and being laughed at on top of it. This was really very amusing. I enjoyed it.
12/16/2013 c1 Miss McGarrett
That was sweet. I enjoyed it very much.
12/16/2013 c1 Miss McGarrett
That was sweet. I enjoyed it.
12/18/2013 c1 36Runner043
Laughing? Oh, Danno, that really is harsh.
12/18/2013 c1 24rewob17
"Save it for a drug lord" *snicker* I love that line! Cute story - I can picture Steve with two casts and still trying to draw his gun!
12/17/2013 c1 Louiseization
So typical of our SEAL. He may be this rough and tough badass on the battlefield but when it comes to skating with a little girl, he has two left feet. Of course that wasn't his fault. It's those kids!
That was funny.
12/17/2013 c1 37Wenwalke
That was a great little one shot and so funny. I laughed along with Danny, the doctor and the nurse. I love bromance, and right now it is lacking on the show.
12/17/2013 c1 Trace66
This was so funny, only Steve could break both his wrists x
12/17/2013 c1 624Mari217
This is great. I love the fics that show us 'down time' for our team. I especially love Grace. Hugs from NJ!
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